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Go Grocery Shopping With Your Android Smartphone

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/20/2011

Scan grocery item bar codes and create shopping lists with an Android grocery app. Grocery iQ, OurGroceries, and OpenIntents Shopping List are a few apps designed to improve your grocery shopping experience.

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    OurGroceries App OurGroceries App OurGroceries is an app which produces shopping lists from the items you type. The app will remember items from previous lists and display them as you type. As you shop, simply tap each item to cross it off the list. You can create multiple shopping lists for different stores. OurGroceries also has a recipe feature which lists the ingredients needed to prepare a specific meal. To download the app, launch the Android Market on your mobile phone and search for OurGroceries.

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    Grocery King

    Grocery King App Grocery King App Grocery King is an Android grocery app that allows Android mobile phone users to create grocery lists. It features category based browsing that allows you to create a grocery list from items in 21 different categories. There are thousands of items preloaded into the app and up to 10,000 items that are searchable. In addition to that, the app allows you to scan item bar codes at the grocery store. The app will look up the product information from a database of 1.1 million items. Then, it will add the product to your shopping list, if you like, or it will remove the item from your current shopping list. To download the app, go to the Market section on your Android powered mobile phone and search for Grocery King.

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    OpenIntents Shopping List

    OpenIntents Shopping List App OpenIntents Shopping List OpenIntents Shopping List is another grocery app that offers several features. The basic version allows you to add items and mark them off. You can select different themes for each list and change the font, capitalization, and sort order. There are extensions for the app including OI Voice Notes, which allows you to add a recorded note to the list. OI ConvertCSV is another extension which allows you to save lists to an SD card. To download the app, visit the official site of OpenIntents Shopping List.

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    Grocery iQ

    Grocery iQ App Grocery iQ App Another Android grocery app available for Android mobile phones is Grocery iQ. It features a predictive search function that will look up items as you type them. As the item appears, simply add it to your shopping list. The app allows you to add details for each item including the price, package size, and quantity. There is a favorite and history section which allows you to quickly add common items to your shopping list. The app also has a coupon section which lists hundreds of coupons. You can share your grocery list by email or by syncing with other mobile devices. To download the app, scan the QR code below.Grocery iQ QR Code 

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    Image Credit - Images courtesy of the respective app developer.