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Androidify Yourself

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 2/16/2011

Androidify is new Google app that allows you to create your own custom Android mascot. With the variety of options available you are now able to make the avitar resemble you, your friends or anyone else for that matter! Read on for a small review and guide.

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    Androidify is a new novelty app that was developed by Google themselves. The application revolves around the well-known Android mascot but this time it is your turn to modify him or her to your liking, or rather likeness. As the app does not necessarily have any practical purpose its strengths lay mainly in its ‘cuteness’ appeal. Let's see if it works.

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    Short Review of Androidify for Android

    Androidify Random Android The Androidify application was developed by Google to allow users to create Android versions of themselves, their friends or just anybody they like. The app starts with the standard green Android mascot that can be modified in a variety of ways. These options range from the usual hairstyle or custom clothing to adjusting the overall posture of your creation.

    The app is really nothing more than this. Create a custom Android mascot that can afterwards be stored in your Androidify gallery or shared through the usual channels. In terms of its cuteness appeal it definitely strikes the right note. The application is fun to play around with for a while and you can try out different styles and whatnot. For those that are frequent character creators through other mediums I would say that the options are a bit too slim, but it is hard to make a real complaint about this.

    The application is free in the Android Market and already created a bit of a buzz, so it will also definitely help in promoting Android as a whole. This will undoubtedly lead to the occasional upgrade in accessories to choose from and thus expand the experience. Even for what it is now it is probably worth your time and effort because, surely, every self-respecting Android supporter should have him- or herself Androidified!

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    A Guide to Using Androidify on Android

    Androidify for Android Customization Using the Androidify application is not too hard. The simple steps involved are the following:

    1. After opening the Androidify app for the first time you are presented with a green Android mascot. Before starting with any specifics, the mascot's shape can be modified. To do this simply lay your finger on any area, whether it is the head, torso, arms or legs, and move around a bit to adjust the various shapes and sizes.
    2. Select the clothes hanger on the bottom left part of the screen. This will bring up the options for further modification. The bottom bar indicates the various modification sections whereas the left bar shows the different options per section. The sections include skin color, hair type, hair color, shirts, pants, shoes, glasses, facial hair and other peripherals.
    3. Select the various options for Androidifying your image. To not miss anything I would advise taking the steps one by one on the bottom bar.

    Once your mascot is created you can hide the option bars again by hitting the back button on your Android device. The bottom right button on the screen is a shortcut to sharing your creation. Through the menu button there are more options available, including saving your creation, checking out your previously saved ones, starting a new one or showing a completely randomized example.

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    My Personal Androidify Creation

    My Androidify Creation The picture on the right here shows an avatar that's supposed to resemble myself. Although the options are a bit scarce still, there are plenty of opportunities to create an Android version of you. If you want to try this for yourself, visit the Android Market now or scan the QR code below. You can now finally be personified as an Android character with Androidify from Google!

    Androidify QR Code