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Google is a phenomena- an application that has changed the way we interface with the world. Nearly 70% of all searches are done through Google's search engines.

Google was not the first search engine by any means, but when it started up in 1998, Google used an innovative concept called pageGoogle Search Page rank to evaluate search results, rather than merely relying on keywords, as other search engines did. The exact means used to provide search results are not available- both because Google does not appreciate being scammed, and because it doesn't want to give the information away to competitors.

Google was the root cause of SEO, or search engine optimization, because people want to learn how to rank well in Google searches. Current answers indicate that good content is the most single most useful thing any site can do to rank well.

Since 2000, Google has developed apps that relate to Google, including Google Earth, Gmail and Google Docs. They are probably the foremost proponents of cloud computing- which puts Google head to head with Microsoft. However, despite its clout, Google has an informal motto, "Don't be evil." For one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, that is a mighty encouraging attitude. Read on to learn more about Google's search engine, and using it.

Latest Articles on Google
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Being open to diverse people and opinions has allowed me to grow as a person, and as an entrepreneur. How can we show the importance of diversity to others?...

Google Gives the Chromebook a Shot in the Arm with Play Store

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The Best Mobile Carrier Might Just Be Google’s Project Fi

Although the name sounds somewhat silly, Google’s Project Fi aims to save you money and reduce the complexity of mobile carrier plans. With a supported phone you can easily make...

Oracle vs. Google – The Case of Stolen Intellectual Property

Oracle is suing Google over the alleged theft of their intellectual property. Google is accused of stealing several thousand lines of Java code. What is this case about and what is...

Most Popular Articles on Google
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    These infections on your computer can cause real problems and the virus itself can be difficult to remove, even with tools. However, it is possible to remove the virus by combining manual removal with...

    The Differences Between a Copyright and a Patent

    Do you know what the difference between a copyright and a patent? This article looks at what a copyright is, what a patent is, and how they differ. We also explain why you would want a copyright or...

    How to Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone

    At one time or another everyone has experienced nuisance calls, anything from non-stop telemarketers to a spurned spouse, we've found the solution to stop these calls for good. Google Voice and iBlacklist...

    Three Home Design Software Programs for Mac

    Mac OS X is the choice platform for many graphic designers, architects, and professional designers. So, you would believe finding home design software for Mac would be easy. Not always. Here are three...

    Technological Advances of the 90s

    The 1990s were a time of globalization which science and technology saw notable growth. The decade brought some of the greatest scientific findings and technological inventions in human history....

More About Google
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