The LED Indicator Light On Your BlackBerry Serves Multiple Functions And Can Be Adjusted

What Is The LED Light On My BlackBerry For?

The LED light on your BlackBerry, located on the front of your BlackBerry at the top right corner, serves a few important functions. When the light is flashing red, this means that you have a new message waiting for you. When that light is flashing green, it is alerting you to the fact that your BlackBerry is running low on battery strength. A flashing blue light indicates that your BlackBerry is using a Bluetooth connection and a green light indicates that you are receiving a radio signal enabling you to make voice calls.

How Can I Change When The LED Light Is Displayed?

Although the LED light serves multiple good and useful purposes, many BlackBerry users find its constant blinking annoying or distracting. For this reason, RIM allows you to customize which alerts you want your LED to perform and which you prefer to bypass using on your BlackBerry.

If you don’t wish to be notified whenever you’re receiving voice coverage, simply log onto your Options menu and select Screen/Keyboard.

On the Screen and Keyboard options list, you will see an option to turn your Coverage Indicator on or off.

Also in the Options menu, you can create settings for using Bluetooth devices with your BlackBerry. By adjusting your profiles, you can also designate whether or not you’d like to be notified of new incoming messages or not.

A Little LED Light Trick That You May Not Know Exists For Your BlackBerry

The LED light serves another function that many BlackBerry users are not aware of. This being that it can help control the lighting on your keypad in various settings. Of course, you can set your device to keep the keypad light on for a predetermined amount of time or to automatically dim when your BlackBerry senses that the additional light is not needed. However, there are times when you may find that you need the light to illuminate the keys even when your BlackBerry senses that it’s okay to dim the lights. During these times, a simple trick will give you several extra seconds of keypad lighting by simply covering the LED section of your BlackBerry with one of your fingers. Whether the LED is on or not, by covering the area when typing a message, you trick your BlackBerry into believing that you are in a dark setting and, instantly, your keypad lights up again.

As you can see, your LED light serves a valuable function on your BlackBerry device and can be manipulated to serve you even more once you understand its functions and how to best use it to fit your needs. If you’re interested in other tips and tricks, here’s 14 more great Blackberry shortcut tips to help.