Applications to Help You Change the Color of the Trackball Light on Your BlackBerry Pearl

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Ok, so you’ve jazzed up your BlackBerry with a hot new theme and you’ve even stocked your music and video library with the latest and the greatest hits of the day. Yet, you still can’t feel like the party has started until you get your BlackBerry trackball light to reflect your favorite color of the moment instead of the standard white light it normally emits. Not wanting to look like everyone else, you’ve been looking high and low for how to change the color of the trackball light on your BlackBerry, haven’t you?

Well, look no further; if a color change is what you want, a color change is what you shall get…as long as you have a BlackBerry Pearl 8100, that is. Though other BlackBerry users have cited being able to successfully change the trackball light color on other BlackBerry models, the only phones that the following software applications are actually made for is the BlackBerry Pearl.

Add A Little Color To Your BlackBerry With These Applications

There are two widely used applications that help you change the color of your Pearl’s trackball. One is offered free (though a donation is appreciated) called “ColorPearl” and the other, “Color Your Trackball” by Cworx, is available for a small $4.95 fee. Both offer multiple colors for your trackball light and are available for an over the air (OTA) download.

There are other tutorials on the web to direct you on how to manually change the color of your trackball light yourself, but unless you consider yourself an expert at such maneuvers, it’s probably best that you use one of the above-mentioned applications instead.

As you will also find in comparing both software applications, both come pretty well recommended by users who have successfully installed them. Still, be sure to always back your BlackBerry up using your Desktop Manager before adding a new application so that you can restore your device to its most recent state should you ever need to.

Go Ahead, Express Yourself!

Changing the color of your trackball on your BlackBerry Pearl is just one of many ways that you can personalize your device. Your BlackBerry is not just a useful tool, but as your constant companion, it can also reflect elements of your mood and personality, and changing the color of your BlackBerry trackball from time to time can help you accomplish this in a flash.