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5 Best Firefox Plugins for Web Development

written by: Ashwin Satyanarayana•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 3/17/2010

Firefox Plug-ins are the reason why firefox itself is so popular. Of the various types of plug-ins, web development plugins will be of special interest to web masters, web designers or just Internet Enthusiasts who want to tinker with the source code perhaps. See the top 5 plugins for web developers

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    Firefox & Web Development

    Firefox is already a leading browser with innumerable fans throughout the world. Internet Explorer has already taken a back seat compared to Firefox’s sheer popularity. Firefox, especially with its latest version, has tons of new features and usability which is no doubt fuelling this popularity. One of the primary reasons why fire fox is a favorite for many web users is the fact that you can have plug-ins added-on for no cost. Here are top 5 Fire fox plug-ins with a bend towards web development.

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    No Script

    NoScript Logo Noscript happens to be plug-in that not only meets functionality but also renders security for a rich and safe browsing experience. If you plan to visit sites you don’t really trust, you could have Noscript to block any active content on the site (like java Scripts, banner Ads, etc). Noscript operates much like a small part of a full-blown Internet Security like Kaspersky or Bitdefender, for instance. This highly recommended plug-in also helps prevent you from any possible security attacks and XSS attacks.

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    NoScript Screenshots

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    IE Tab

    When you are into web development, you would ideally like to see your web site or graphic creation in all sorts of browsers for robust testing. With IE tab, you can bring all hype of virtualization into a little plug-in that it is. Using IE tab, you can see how your web site or any other creative output might look like on an IE browser. You can immediately switch back to your Firefox after viewing. You can even navigate through in compatible web sites, if need be.

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    IE Tab Screenshots

    IE tab Plug-inIE tab Plug-inIE tab Plug-in
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    Did you ever wish, as a web development professional, that you could just edit or at least take a look at code while browsing? Firebug is a very efficient plug-in that allows you to edit, tamper with the code, debug or simply view the source code of the CSS files live, while browsing itself. It allows you to edit even HTML or JavaScript on any page while browsing the web.

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    Firebug Screenshots

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    Flash Block

    Did you know that flash invariably slows down the loading of a web site? Not only that, it is a perfect hide-out for malicious code that can creep into your browser/system and wreak havoc. Flash block, as the name suggests, is an Internet Security Plug-in that can help you to block any flash files playing while you browse the Internet. However, it does have enough flexibility to allow you to view flash when you have to (or when you want to) just by clicking on a button. It presently blocks all Macromedia Flash files -- Flash, Shockwave and Authorwave.

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    Here’s a beautiful plug-in that literally can be instrumental in making courseware or courses in case you wanted to, among other things. Fireshot is a plug-in that helps you take screen shots of whatever it is that you are browsing -- a one click tool that can make screen shots of anything. You can make the entire web page as a screen shot or you pick and choose a part of the webpage. You can further edit these screenshots or upload them anywhere -- on to your own computer, server or web server in any form you like.

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    FireShot Screenshots


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