SmartBro Web Browser Review

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Overview of SmartBro (3 out of 5)

SmartBro is a very basic web browser. You won’t find anything fancy about this browser. The only neat thing about this browser is the sidebar tools and that will be discussed further down in this review. The SmartBro browser is very similar to Internet Explorer. If you are not a fan of IE, you should probably stay away from SmartBro. It is very similar with just a few differences. It does appear to load a bit faster than Internet Explorer.

SmartBro Skins (3 out of 5)

The SmartBro web browser only provides about 10 skins with this browser. However, the skins are not that great. There are a couple of decent ones, but nothing that is awesome. Most browsers allow you to visit their website and download more skins. This browser does not give you that option. The only skins available with the SmartBro browsers are the ones found in the browser when you install the browser. Doing a search on Google won’t turn up any results either. Later on down the road, more skins will probably be created, but as on now, there are no extra skins to install.

SmartBro Tools (3 out of 5)

You will find that the tools in SmartBro are very limited. You will get the very basic tools like Auto Form Fill, Search, Mail, and News. Other than that, there are not many more tools to enhance your browsing experience.

SmartBro Sidebar Tools (5 out of 5)

SmartBro has a nice sidebar panel. The sidebar panel includes RSS Feeds, Notes, History, and Games. The Notes sidebar allows you to type any kind of notes. The notes will be stored in this section until you delete them. The RSS Feeds allows you to add your favorite feeds. You can then view your favorite feeds by hovering over the sidebar. The Games section provides you with different games to play. You can play a game by simply clicking on the game. The History panel will display your browsing history.

Overall Rating of SmartBro (3 out of 5)

Overall, I will give SmartBro a 3 out of 5 stars. The browser is very simple with not a lot to offer. The only cool thing about the SmartBro browser is the sidebar panel. The Notes panel is really cool and the RSS Feeds are great. Other than that, the browser is pretty basic.