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Enhance Your Design with CSS3

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/11/2010

If you are wondering what to expect with the release of CSS3, read this guide. This guide will explain some of the new rules you can expect to find when it is released.

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    What is CSS3?

    CSS3 is level 3 of the CSS code. It is currently still being developed. A release date has not yet been set. With CSS3, you will be able to do even more with your web design. There are many new rules being created that will enhance your web design. Let’s take a look at some of the new rules being created in CSS3.

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    CSS3 Text Effect Rules

    Right now there are three new text effect rules being introduced in CSS3. The three text effect rules are shadow, overflow, and wrap. The text shadow will allow you to apply drop shadows to text. You can change the color of the drop shadow along with the size of the shadow. The overflow text effect will allow you to clip text that does not fit in an element. The last text effect, the wrap, will allow you to wrap the text.

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    CSS3 Background Effect Rules

    As of right now, there are four different background effect rules in CSS3. You have the background origin rule, background clip rule, background size rule, and multiple backgrounds rule. The background origin rule is what determines how the background position of that background will be calculated in that certain box. The background clip is what determines whether or not the background will fade into the border. The background size will allow you to size the image of the background to what you want. The multiple background rule will allow you to add more than one image to any one element of the background.

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    CSS3 Border Effect Rules

    In the upcoming release of CSS3, you will find at least three new border effect rules. The three border effect rules you will find are border image, border radius, and border shadow. The border image will allow you to create borders using any image you want. The border radius will allow you to create rounded borders. The border shadow will let you place shadows on your borders. This will give it a coming off of the page look.

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    There are a lot of new rules coming out with the release of CSS3. With these new rules, you will really be able to enhance your design. There are many more rules coming with the new release, but since it is still being developed, all of them are not available. Hopefully, they will be releasing it soon. It sounds very exciting.