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Adobe Illustrator CS3 Icons: Purple Glass Download Icon

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/2/2010

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to create a purple glass download icon. These icons are easy to create with the new symbols in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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    Adobe Illustrator CS3 Icons- purple glass download icon - finished This is a purple glass download icon. The purple glass ball was created using a symbol. The download icon was also created using a symbol. You will need to download the ball symbols in order to create this icon. The download is very small so it will only take a second to download. Click here to download this ball symbol file.

    Opening the Glass Ball Box

    To get started you will need to open the glass ball symbols that you just downloaded. So, go to the top of your Adobe Illustrator CS3 program and click Window > Symbol Libraries > Other. When the box opens, locate the Aqua Balls file that you just downloaded. Click the file and click the open button. The Ball Symbols will open in a box of their own.

    Adobe Illustrator CS3 Icons- purple glass download icon - glass balls Adding the Glass Ball

    Next, we will add the glass ball to the document. Click the purple glass ball with your mouse and drag it to your document. The ball will be very large. You will need to size the ball down. Grab the transform tool from your toolbar. Click the bottom right corner of the box around the ball and drag it to the center to size it down. Create the ball the size that you want it.

    Opening the Web Icons Box

    Next, you will need to open the Web Icons box. Go to the top of Adobe Illustrator again and click Window > Symbol Libraries > Web Icons. The Web Icons will open in a box.

    Adobe Illustrator CS3 Icons- purple glass download icon - web icons Adding and Customizing the Download Icon

    Now we will add the icon to the glass ball. Click the Download Icon in the box and drag it to the glass ball that you created. You may have to resize the download icon. Resize the icon the same way you did the glass ball.

    You will need to drop the transparency of the download icon down. Locate the Transparency box on the right of your screen and click the tab. Click the percent bar and drop it down to 85%.

    Now you will need to change the color of the download icon. First, you will need to break the link. Right click on the icon and click Break Link to Symbol. Double click the color fill box in your toolbar and change the color to # 1B1464. Click OK to apply the color and close the box.

    Your Purple Glass Download Icon is now created. You can make any adjustments needed before exporting the icon.