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Top 10 Free Contact Page Templates

written by: SunnyGriffis•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 2/1/2011

Try using one of these ten fantastic free contact page templates for your blog or website. They don't require programming knowledge and can be created within a few moments. You and your visitors will appreciate the ease of having a built in contact page form.

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    Adding a contact page to your website or blog is simple with the use of free contact page templates. They provide a convenient way for your visitors to send you messages, and don’t require any extensive programming knowledge. Many contact page template providers offer premium templates in addition to free versions. This gives you the opportunity to try out their services, see if they fit your needs, and then upgrade to premium versions later.

    Take a look at the top ten free contact page templates below and the various features they offer.

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    Wufoo, a company founded in 2006, allows you to use three free contact page forms when you sign up for their free membership. Wufoo’s forms are brandable, feature 128 bit SSL security, include standard and premium entry fields, and contain optional password protection. They also offer payment integration and password protected reports.

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    Wufoo SiteWufoo Form
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    Foxyform offers free anti-spam contact page templates, that you can modify to suit your preferences. Simply select the entry fields, colors, fonts, and the email address you’d like the information to be sent to. Foxyform is easy to use and requires no set-up to begin using.

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    Foxyform SiteFoxyform Form
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    Freedback, a Canadian company established in 1998, offers html contact page templates that don’t require any html programming knowledge. They feature a simple form builder and allow free users to create one free form with SSL encryption and spam filters. Notable Freedback customers include Crest, JibJab, and CNBC.

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    Freedback SiteFreeback Form
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    FreeContactForm, created in 2005, offers a variety of free forms that have been downloaded over 100,000, according to their website. Their contact form scripts require no programming experience and a full-source code, which means that the script runs securely on your site and can only be accessed by you.

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    FreeContactForm SiteFreeContactForm Form
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    After a free sign-up form, you can create and download KontactR forms. Their forms, CAPTCHA protected and fully customizable, can be quickly embedded into your website or blog using their html or ajax widgets.

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    KontactR SiteKontactR Form
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    Formsite, founded in 1999 in Chicago, IL, generously offers five free forms in a free user plan that includes 100 submissions a month and 50 MB of storage. Their highly professional, aesthetic forms, feature payment integration, logo incorporation, CAPTCHA, and email notifications.

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    Formsite SiteFormsite Form
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    Flashmo, which offers a wide variety of free templates, offers users a free flash contact form that can be incorporated into any flash website template. Only basic php knowledge is required to download and customize the form to suit your needs.

    Flashmo Site  Flashmo Form 

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    123 Contact Form

    123 Contact Form allows you to sign up for a free account and create five free forms. The contact page templates are customizable, include instant notification for each submission, allow you to create a custom thank-you page, and don’t contain any advertisements.

    123 Contact Form Site  123 Contact Form Form 

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    Visitor Contact

    After a free sign-up, you can create simple customizable contact forms and buttons. Visitor Contact templates offer impressive features such as records of your contacts, geographical information about your visitors, security codes, and a free auto-responder.

    Visitor Contact Site  Visitor Contact Form 

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    JotForm, advertised as the easiest form builder, allows users a clean, easy-to-use form builder with a generous amount of options, including modifications on backgrounds, size, survey tools, and payment integration. Simply create the form, copy the html form, and paste into your website or blog.

    Jotform Site 

    Jotform Form 

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    Before trying any premium service, try using one of the above resources for your site. If your looking for a simple, free contact page template, you're fortunate to have so many free, professional resources available.