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The Best Cheap Antivirus and Internet Security Software

written by: Donna Buenaventura•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 11/30/2010

An ideal antivirus and Internet security package should not only offer good protection against malware but should also meet your budget. Homes and offices often have more than one computers, so it's a good idea to find the best cheap antivirus and Internet security programs available.

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    Cheap Antivirus & Internet Security Suite

    Cheap antivirus internet security Never buy antivirus or Internet security programs that are too expensive, because there's plenty of cheap antivirus and Internet security software to consider. Free security software is unbeatable, but some home or office users prefer using commercial Internet security solutions. That is because paid security software includes almost complete protection and maintenance tools.

    Internet security suites do not only offer protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, rootkit, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and other malware, but also provide two-way firewall protection, anti-spam, e-mail scanners and identity protection. Some security vendors also offers free online backup.

    I've compared the prices of several antivirus and Internet security program of 2010 and 2011 below. Take a look at the list of cheap antivirus and Internet security to see your options.

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    Top 10 Cheap Internet Security Suites

    Below are the top 5 inexpensive security software packages for 3 PCs that you should consider evaluating before purchasing. Read the reviews AntiVir Premium Security Suite, Cheap Internet Security software by Bright Hub writers to learn more about the product features.

    1. ZoneAlarm Security Suite - The product by Check Point only cost $34.95 for 3 computers. It is the same price as what Trend Micro offers, but ZoneAlarm firewall protection provides better protection against hackers.
    2. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security - One of several proven security suite programs that is easy to use. Only costs $34.95 for 3 PCs.
    3. BitDefender Internet Security - $49.95 for 3 PCs and provides the needed protection for end-users at home or in a small office.
    4. PC Tools Internet Security - I'm impressed with PC Tools free antivirus because it beat others. The firewall protection of PC Tools' earlier version has received a 99% rating from Price: $49.99 for 3 computers.
    5. Norton Internet Security - The popular antivirus and Internet security by Symantec costs $69.99 for 3 PCs.

    The top 5 cheap Internet security software for a single computer are provided by the following vendors:

    1. Avira Premium Security Suite - $32.95
    2. Avast! Internet Security - $49.95
    3. AVG Internet Security - $54.99
    4. Kaspersky Internet Security - $59.95
    5. ESET Smart Security - $59.99

    Note that all of the above Internet security program provide good protection and have received certifications from several antivirus testing laboratories.

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    Top 10 Cheap Antivirus Programs

    There's also cheap antivirus programs to check out, if you prefer using standalone virus protection for Windows without limitations on Avast Pro - cheap antivirus program functionality:

    1. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + - $19.95
    2. Avira AntiVir Premium - $22.96
    3. VIPRE Antivirus - $29.95
    4. Avast Pro - $34.95
    5. AVG Antivirus - $34.99
    6. BitDefender Antivirus Pro - $39.95 for 3 computers
    7. Kaspersky Antivirus - $39.95
    8. Norton Antivirus - $39.99 for 3 PCs
    9. Spyware Doctor with Antivirus - $39.99 for 3 PCs
    10. NOD32 - $39.99

    NOD32, Avira AntiVir, BitDefender, Norton Antivirus and Kaspersky often received a high or advanced rating in malware testing reports. Avast is a powerful antivirus and its' boot-time scan is a plus when cleaning malware. Note only that Kaspersky antivirus is known to use a lot of memory during a scan. Norton Antivirus seldom provides false detection which is why it's one of the favorites for home users.

    Remember to check the product information at the vendors' website for the latest information. Also, don't forget that the price should not matter, if you want to secure important data and valuable information from hackers and malware.

    Image credits: US Dollar symbol By Rugby471 (Own work)[see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons. Screenshots taken by the author.