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Making Money with Adsense Introduction: Pre-enrollment Checklist

written by: twhatley•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 9/26/2008

Right now thousands of people are making money with Google AdSense. Your level of knowledge and persistence can determine whether you will be one of the people who makes no money at all or an internet entrepreneurs who makes thousands a month. This article will give you a valid starting point.

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    Being successful at AdSense takes work. Don’t think you will enroll in the program one day and be a millionaire the next. The people who are making a living with AdSense did their research and the necessary prep work. The following checklist is a guide to preparing for success with AdSense.

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    • Develop a unique and valuable idea that will benefit your visitors. It is a big no-no to just build a site to capitalize on AdSense revenue. You need to have content that will drive loyal traffic to your site. Without traffic, there will be no one to click on Google ads; thus, no money for you to make. People don’t come to websites just to see the pretty ads. They are searching for something, and it is up to you to provide it.
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    • Purchase a domain that is catch and easy to remember. Repeat traffic can be your best friend. The easier it is for visitors to remember your site, the more they will come back. If you are using one of the free blogger sites, give the blog a name that grabs visitors’ attention.
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    • Develop a visually-pleasing layout for your site. There are hundreds of pre-made templates that are AdSense-ready for purchase online. If you aren’t experienced with web design and don’t know the basic design rules, I recommend purchasing one of the templates. There are software programs that step you through the process of creating a website, but AdSense requires code to be added to the site before it can function correctly. If you don’t know HTML, you can possible mess up all of the work you’ve done when you go to copy in the code.
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    • Add quality non-plagiarized content to the site. Google has a reputation to live up to. In order to get high-paying quality ads, you need to have content that quality advertisers will be proud to have their ads associated with. Plus, presenting yourself as a professional gives visitors the piece of mind that they are dealing with a trustworthy website.
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    • Make your site SEO-friendly. Ranking high in SERPS (Google search) has two great benefits. One, you get exposure for your site with search engines. This is where majority of your traffic will come from. The other benefit is that your per-click rate will be higher. Google knows that if you rank higher in the search engines, more potential customers view your site. They reward this with higher payouts. Researching SEO and applying the practices to your site development will benefit you in the long run.
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    • Schedule a time to regularly update your content. Don’t think you can never update your site and continue to make money. After a while consumers will abandon your site, in favor of one which updates regularly. Some blog owners make one or more post a day, while some just update when 6information becomes available. You don’t have to update everyday, but at least try to add new content once a week.
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    • Add at least three pieces of content before enrolling in AdSense. This will ensure better placement of targeted ads. Google code uses keywords from the content to determine which ads to place on your site. Giving the program more content to work with ensures the placement of ads that will interest your visitors.
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    You are now ready to go to the next step, which is enrollment and configuration of ads. The next article in this series will guide you through the process of enrolling and adding AdSense ads to your site. Before long, you will be cashing in on the AdSense machine.