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Help! Gmail Fails to Load

written by: Senadheera Jayakody•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 3/2/2010

Gmail is one of a best mail service providers on the Internet. Despite its popularity, many users grumble that Gmail will not load or is very slow to load. This article looks at ways to overcome this issue.

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    Gmail is one of a leading mail service provider on internet. Registering at Gmail is the first step of enjoying number of other benefits of Google like Chatting online, photo sharing, Blogging, Adsense, etc. Anyway many internet users are not happy with Gmail. Some of them complain that Gmail fails to load frequently. Some others say that it is very slow to load. You might also have experienced this problem in the past. Also there are chances that your Gmail will not load. Simply understand and follow these steps and you could be able to avoid such inconveniences to a greater extent.

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    If Gmail Fails to Load, Check Your Browser Settings

    If your Gmail fails to load, the first thing you need to check is your browser settings. Even you are not dealing with complex browser settings, there are chances that you have accidentally changed those settings. Therefore make sure you have enabled accepting cookies. Also you must enable JavaScript too. Without JavaScript, Gmail will not be able to load. You may change these settings in the following manner. These methods are for newer versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Anyway there is not much difference for other versions of both browsers.

    Internet Explorer 7.0 - Go to Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Sites. Then type “" (without quotes) on the Address of website and click Allow. Similarly add “ and “" Then click OK and click OK on the Privacy tab, too.

    Mozilla Firefox 3.5 - Go to Tools → Options → Privacy. Then select Use custom settings for history from the drop down menu in front of “Firefox will" under the History. Select the Accept cookies from sites check box and click OK.

    To accept Javascript go to Tools → Options → Content and select the Enable JavaScript check box.

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    Remove Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, and Cache

    If Gmail still fails to load then try to remove cookies and temporary Internet files or browser cache. Removing these files is not a problem for you. Data of web pages that you have surfed are stored in your computer as temporary Internet files (in Internet Explorer) or cache (Mozilla Firefox). Cookies are used to examine the user’s data related to a particular website. You can use the following path to remove those files.

    Internet Explorer 7.0 - Go to Tools → Internet Options. Under Browsing history click Delete. Now you can delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.

    Mozilla Firefox 3.5 - Go to Tools → Clear Recent History. Then select “Everything" from drop down menu and click on Details. Then select Cookies and Cache check boxes and click Clear Now.

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    Use Special URLs to Reach Gmail

    If the problem still exists you can try to use alternative URL instead of Try these URLs before complaining that “my Gmail will not load."

    Safe mode –

    Secure mode –

    Older version –

    Basic mode –

    Mobile mode – or

    iPhone mode –

    iGoogle gadget –

    “No browser checking" mode –

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    Viruses and Spyware may Keep You from Going to Gmail

    If the frustration continues your computer might be attacked by a virus or spyware. The best option is to scan your computer for possible viruses and spyware. You may use an updated version of Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, or Kaspersky Antivirus for scanning your computer. To remove spyware Webroot's Spy Sweeper is a good option. Now try to access Gmail again and see whether it will load or will fail to load again.

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    Is the Problem only for you or For All?

    If problem is not resolved, then try to access Gmail from another computer or a different operating system. If it works there may be a problem with your browser settings or settings of your operating system. Remove any recently installed programs, try system restore, disable the firewall and use another browser to see if you got a better response from Gmail.

    If everything fails, then the reason might be Gmail itself. There are occasions that Gmail have failed to load for hours. In 2009 Gmail has been unavailable for three times. Sometimes your account may have disabled by Google as a result of violating terms of service.

    Ask whether your friends can login to their Gmail accounts from their computers. If they are unable to login you don’t have to worry about it. If not, there might be another reason for this problem. Therefore try to solve this loading problem of Gmail with the help of an experienced person.


Gmail is one of a leading free web-based mail service provider on internet. It also allows you to have many more related services. In this article series you may learn about Gmail, its features, how to use it effectively, and many more information.
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