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Examining the Claims of Modern Whalers: Are There Arguments for Whaling?

written by: Niki Fears•edited by: Niki Fears•updated: 5/21/2009

In this article we will examine arguments some make for whaling. Do these claims hold any merit?

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    In the first part of this article, we looked at a couple of the reasons that whalers give to try and keep their barbaric practices alive and so far none of them have held up. Now we will look at the remaining two arguments for whaling.

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    In Pursuit of Knowledge or Just Old Fashioned Greed?

    A third claim made to defend whaling and its illegal practice is that these fleets are not hunting whales but are merely research vessels obtaining Whalemeat “test subjects” as if that sounds any less brutal. But again, does this argument hold water? The government of Panama did not think so when the so called “research” fleet from Japan had its main supply ship deflagged due to its blatant violation of international laws and treaties that prevent the storing and transportation of illegally caught whale meat. In October of 2008, the Japanese vessel named the Oriental Bluebird, was deflagged by the Panamanian Registry and barred from any marine “exploration” activities for at least three years; any attempts to do so, even under a new flag is illegal and in violation of several treaties. And any survey of the commercial markets where whale meat and other products are sold make it clear that whalers are indeed hunters and not scientists.

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    Culture or Capitalism?

    Lastly, some argue that whaling is done, and should be allowed, by cultures that have held whaling as part of their traditions and use the meat merely for local substance. This is the case that has been use to justify Canadian whaling for example; however, these “cultural groups” sell the meat on the commercial market which again makes it clear that the whales are not important in any cultural since and that they are seeking money, not survival.

    All of the scientific evidence available, and the plain simple reality of the situation shows us that not only is whaling and cruel and violent practice but it is both unnecessary and unjustifiable. When you look at all of the arguments made by whalers one thing is clear, they are driven by power, by money, and will pursue both in the ruthless and bloodiest ways possible until every whale is eliminated from the earth.