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Ventless Clothes Dryers - Stop Losing Heat From Your Clothes Dryer

written by: 00orange00•edited by: Donna Cosmato•updated: 12/13/2010

These clothes dryers will not send your indoor air outdoors. They do not require external venting and can be installed virtually anywhere in your house. A ventless clothes dryer helps to eliminate dryer heat waste.

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    ASKO T712C ventless clothes dryer

    ASKO T712C Dryer 

    ASKO T712C ventless clothes dryer:

    Made in Sweden, with the highest standards, the T712C dryer can be installed anywhere in the house. This dryer is not like a Conventional dryer which draws the air it operates with from your living environment and then blows it outdoors. In this situation, replacement air is drawn back into your house through cracks and openings. This cold air creates draughts and increases the demand on your heating system. This does not happen when clothes dryers that don't require external vents are used. With the T712C all the heat from the clothes dryer stays inside your house and since the air in the dryer is self contained no indoor air is lost to the outdoors either.

    The T712C includes a built-in Sensidry™ system. This system includes a temperature sensor which interacts with your laundry to prevent overdrying, shrinking, and creasing. In the large drying chamber clothes are circulated in a figure eight pattern by specially designed paddles. This arrangement prevents clothes from bundling up and from wrinkling. This clothes drying technology is exceptionally gentle. Clothing wears less than it would do in a conventional dryer and the dryer motor sustains a longer life.The T712C and an ASKO washer can be installed anywhere you have water and electricity - they can even be stacked or installed beneath counters.

    The T712C dryer includes:

    • SensiDry drying sensors to prevent overdrying, garment damage and energy waste.
    • Smooth dial EasyControl operating system with LED display.
    • Ventless installation
    • 6 different drying programs
    • Low Temperature Option
    • Wrinkle Free Option
    • White or Titanium Finish


    • Height: 33-1/2" - 34-1/2"
    • Width: 23-1/2"
    • Depth with Door Closed: 24-7/8"
    • Depth with Door Open: 46-1/4"

    To see more information about the ASKO Condensing Clothes Dryer go to:

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    A Ventless Drier that you can order online.

    Seimens UltraStack Condensing Dryer 

    This dryer can be ordered online for $999.00. It is the state of the art in condensing dryer with eleven drying cycles to choose from. I don't have as much information on this dryer, but, it is a beautiful piece of machinery and can be ordered online if you click on the link below.

    TO SEE MORE OR TO ORDER ONLINE: Siemens Ultrastack WT46E300US

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