All About an Organic Mattress for Baby

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Since babies are developing at a rapid pace, they’re more susceptible to chemical exposure. Mainstream crib mattresses are treated with chemicals to make them fire resistant. But these chemicals seep through the cover, allowing your baby to ingest the chemicals. This may be responsible for allergies, skin problems and some theorize it may contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Organic mattresses for babies are also made with environmentally friendly practices, which leave less of an impact on the environment.


Organic crib mattresses are created without using any synthetic materials and 100% natural rubber, which supports the growth of health bones. Plus, the filling of these mattresses are created from organic wool, which is naturally fame resistant without using any chemicals.

The Cost

Once you’ve made the important decision to purchase an organic crib mattress, you may wonder how much it’s going to cost. The cost for a normal crib mattress ranges from $80-$200; while organic baby mattresses start at about $250 and range up to $400. But if you purchase a crib that coverts into a toddler bed, you’ll get twice the use - which should offset the cost.

Where to Purchase

Although some mainstream companies offer organic crib mattresses, you’ll have the best luck finding these products online. Companies like offer a variety of mattresses ranging from $289 - $429 depending on which product you select. You can also check out which offers a good selection and competitive pricing. These companies also offer warranties on your mattress to ensure you’re happy with the performance. also offers a decent selection of organic crib mattresses, which may qualify for super saver shipping; which is free. If you have an organic used store in your area, you may be able to find a reasonable mattress second hand as well. And when you’re done with the mattress, you can donate it back which will cut back on waste in the environment.

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