Organic Bedding Products for Baby

Why Choose Organic Products for Baby Beds

Because babies are developing at a rapid pace, they’re more susceptible then adults to chemical and toxin exposure. Although research is still being done on the effects of chemicals and pesticides in baby bedding, it’s best to error on the side of caution. Organic Baby Bedding is free from pesticides, toxins and chemicals; and it’s produced with practices that are better for the environment.


Fortunately, companies have started to produce many different types of "crib bedding organic" products. You can purchase baby quilts (to use after your baby has passed their first birthday), organic duvet covers, sheets and cotton receiving blankets. You can also purchase organic bumper pads; although the safety of these is still under debate. If you decide to purchase organic bumper pads, make sure to remove them from the crib once your baby starts pulling up. Cleaver babies and toddlers can use the bumper pads as stepping stones to escape from their crib.

Where to Buy

Although you might find organic baby bedding is some mainstream retailers, the bulk of the products will be found online. You’ll also get a much better selection shopping this way. Companies like Jushtush Organics Eco Sleep Shop provides a wide selection of organic baby bedding. You can also check out and, which have competitive pricing on these products.

Consider Purchasing

It’s also worth while to invest in an organic crib mattress which is free of potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals. You can find organic crib mattresses at stores like Purchasing this type of mattress will cost about $259-$399; more expressive then mainstream mattresses, but well worth the investment. And if your crib converts into a toddler bed, you’ll have years of use and can pass it along to a friend when finished.

Also, make sure to purchase an organic waterproof cover for the mattress. Not all organic mattresses are waterproof, and need to be protected from unplanned diaper leakage.

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