iPod Tutorial: How to Reset the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch

Dealing With the Frozen iPod

The iPod is, essentially, a miniature computer that has most of the features that a personal computer has, but in a much more simplified version. With this, the concept of the "freeze" can happen relatively often, and it can be a little difficult to manage your frozen iPod. If you do end up with a frozen iPod you can easily go through an iPod reset process, which is a lot easier than it sounds. Though the basic concept of resetting your iPod is the same throughout its different models, each specific type has its own step by step process for resetting. Here is a look at how to reset each type of iPod available from Apple.

iPod Classic Reset

If you need to reset your iPod Classic, or another type of iPod with a click wheel such as the older models of the iPod Nano, you can just go

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through a pretty standard iPod reset process that most people are aware of now. Go to the Hold slide button at the top, which freezes interaction with the iPod, and "toggle" it to the on and off positions several times. If this is not enough of a reset function for your iPod Classic, go to the center button used for selecting and the menu button on the click wheel right above it and hold these down together for eight seconds. This will cause the iPod’s screen to go black and then Apple’s iconic logo will appear. If you have had issues with this you may want to make sure it is plugged into a power source, but usually this is not going to be the issue unless there is a lack of iPod battery life. You should also try to position the iPod on a flat surface and avoid touching other parts of the click wheel.

iPod Nano Reset

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If you are working with the new multitouch iPod Nano, which is the 6th generation of the iPod Nano, then you are going to have a different reset process. When you need to reset your iPod Nano you can start by just flashing the Sleep / Wake button several times. If this fails to achieve your process you can then hold down the Sleep / Wake button with the Volume Down button for nine seconds. This will reset the iPod Nano, the screen will go black, and the Apple logo will appear as with the other models of the iPod. Again, if it is not working right away you may need to plug it in to a power source.

iPod Shuffle Reset

Resetting the iPod Shuffle is a completely different process than with the iPod Classic and iPod Nano, and it is actually even simpler. The iPod

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Shuffle actually has a standard On / Off switch, and when you switch it to Off you will not be able to see the green strip that is shown in the switch when it is operational. To reset the iPod Shuffle you should simply turn it to the Off position and allow it to sit for around ten seconds, though you can do it for as little as five seconds on more recent models. Now you can just switch back to the shuffle or play in order positions, which will allow you to see the green stripe on the iPod Shuffle.

iPod Touch Reset

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The iPod Touch may need to be reset more often than others because of the possibility of unresponsive iPod Touch and iPhone apps. Like the iPod Shuffle, to reset the iPod Touch appropriately you are going to fully turn it off and on. Go to the Sleep / Wake button at the bottom and hold down on it until the red Off slide button appears on the touchscreen. From here you can just slide it to turn off the iPod Touch, and then you should wait five to ten seconds for safety. Once it is off, you then hold the Sleep / Wake button again like you did in the beginning and wait for the Apple logo to appear, which indicates that it has turned back on and the reset is complete.