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I Want a Blue iPod!

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 6/28/2011

Here is a look at a few options if you want to buy a blue iPod.

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    A Rainbow of iPods

    It used to be simple enough to just mention an iPod and people had a general idea of the look, design, and features that you were talking about. Today, after the iPhone has pushed the portable media device in a new direction there are so many different options that when you mention something you want out of your iPod you will still have to inquire what they are looking for. The physical qualities of the iPod are often what is asked for and the mythic blue iPod is one that is searched for both online and in store. Today there are more than a couple options for the blue iPod, even though a blue iPhone is not really in the cards quite yet. Here is a round up of the blue iPod models available in the growing line of Apple's MP3 players.

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    Blue iPod Shuffle

    blue-ipod-shuffle The iPod Shuffle as the most popular and cheapest of all the iPod models and has a blue color in its model for both the nav beautiful20100901 older iPod Shuffle and the newest release of the iPod Shuffle. It is here you can choose the blue iPod Shuffle that best suits your needs, but unless you are looking to buy the older model for cheaper through internet retailers you will want to purchase the newest incarnation of the blue iPod Shuffle for $49. You will also be choosing between the older iPod Shuffle model with the rectangular design versus the newest square model.

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    Blue iPod Nano

    Apple-iPod-nano-16-GB-Blue The blue iPod Nano runs with the same pattern as the blue iPod Shuffle in that there is a blue iPod in both the overview featurette design20100901 previous model and the newest one that was announced at Apple's keynote address. There is a biggest difference between the models of the blue iPod Nano where the older iPod Nano has a display screen that is based off of the design of the iPod Classic and the newest version has a multitouch screen and is squarish in the same was as the new iPod Shuffle. The newest version of the blue iPod Nano is a major step forward for the line and is going to render the older version almost completely obsolete, so this should be your highest priority.

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    Blue iPod Classic

    STD1 F8Z210-BLU The iPod Classic is essentially the traditional staple of the iPod line, and the iPod Classic as it is now called is skin-case-ipod-classic-80gb-dark-blue-1 actually a larger and more dependable version of the iPod Video. Like with older versions of the iPod and the iPhone today, the color options for the iPod Classic are still somewhat limited. Since the iPod Classic does not come in blue as a standard, you can instead modify it so you will have a "blue iPod Classic" in terms of appearance. This can be done usually by either using a blue iPod Classic skin or case, depending on your needs. If you already have an iPod Classic then using these external items will allow you the simple appearance change. Since Apple is essentially discontinuing the iPod Classic line this should not be your main focus if you are looking for a blue iPod. Instead, you will want to purchase the new iPod Touch and then purchase a blue case for that.