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Advanced Remote Control Lighting Systems: The Programmable Remote Control Lighting Systems and Dimmers

written by: Om Thoke•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/29/2010

Having seen the basics of remote control lighting systems, and the technology behind working of a remote control lighting system, it is time to move on to the advanced functionalities. This article covers advanced concepts like programmable remote control lighting and its online automation.

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    Programmable Remote Control Lighting

    Sure thing, there are countless benefits of remote control lighting, but some of them may not be too obvious; this is perhaps due to the sheer fact that this technology is fairly new, and hasn’t been exploited to the fullest extent.

    It is just like the DVD to Blu-Ray or standard definition to HDTV transition. But, once you really taste the goodness of remote control lightning systems, there’s no way you’ll ever think of coming back to the age of conventional switches and buttons.

    Programmable remote control lighting systems have various zone control units. You can choose from the available options such as 2-zone, 3-zone and 3-zone control units, or picking electronic low voltage, incandescent/magnetic low voltage, and fluorescent power options.

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    Types of Programmable Remote Control Lighting Systems

    Numerous types of remote control lighting systems have arrived and are here to stay for years to come. Let us now take a look at some of the advanced remote control lighting system types -

    • Simple remote control for a single dimmer; also known as Spacer System

    • Remote Control Lighting Systems with multi-use dimmers

    • Incandescent and low voltage Remote Control Lighting Systems with table top master controls, power boosters for low-voltage and fluorescent units, as well as infrared units for use with remote controls

    • Remote Control Lighting Systems having wall-mounted master controls with 5/10/15-key pads for scene selection or light monitoring.

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    Benefits of Remote Control Lighting Systems

    Remote control lighting systems offer remote control and monitoring of compatible devices; you can do it even through the internet from anywhere, anytime!

    Longer bulb life, reduced energy wastage and costs, lesser emissions are other benefits of remote control lighting. It is a secure alternative to safeguard your home and tends to make you do your bit to satiate the energy demand.

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    Automation Solutions

    There are many low-cost and flexible comprehensive automation solutions for a remote control lighting system.

    INSTEON is a well known name in the arena of remote lighting. They design system for connecting switches and loads without extra wiring and enable simple devices, such as light switches, to be networked together using the powerline and/or radio frequency.

    INSTEON X10 Home Automation System

    The INSTEON X10 is one of the home automation solutions that deliver amazing performance at optimal cost. Programming of INSTEON devices is easily accomplished through well-defined protocols and a power line modem, which allows direct data write/read to various INSTEON devices and the central controller, thereby creating a robust network.

    Commercially available controller kits offer device support for 1024 devices and a storage capacity of 1000 programs. Initiation of timer and custom events can be set up for all the INSTEON-compatible devices at the client location; and can be monitored and controlled from any remote location.

    So, you can even control such systems via internet irrespective of your geographical location, and have complete peace of mind, even while you're away.

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    In a Nutshell

    If you just need a small residential remote control home lighting system, a single-dimmer or the Spacer System is more than enough, while those who require full-fledged remote control home lighting system can have a fully programmable advanced remote control lighting system with multi-use dimmers.

Insight to Remote Control Lighting

This series covers everything about the remote control lighting, right from the basics including concepts like programmable lighting, remote control dimmers, voice activated remote lighting down to the pros and cons of each; so, let's get started!
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