The Complete Guide to Blu-ray: Everything From Understanding the Technology to Buying a Blu-ray Player to Troubleshooting Tips

The Complete Guide to Blu-ray: Everything From Understanding the Technology to Buying a Blu-ray Player to Troubleshooting Tips
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For the highest quality home video system there is no real choice but Blu-ray. Yet, in order to know if you should upgrade, you need to understand a lot more about the technology. You need to know what type of player to buy and where to get Blu-ray movies. Beyond movies, Blu-ray is also an important computer technology used for storage and backup. These articles create a complete guide to Blu-ray so that you can make an informed decision.

Understanding the Technology

Most of us understand that Blu-ray means high-definition video, but there is far more to the technology than simply knowing it looks better than DVD. A true understanding of the technology includes where the technology has come from, how it works and whether you need a Blu-ray player at all. So, let’s start with the basics.

Finding a Player

Once you have decided Blu-ray is the best choice for your home theater, the next question is what Blu-ray player you should get. Whether trying to find the cheapest player or looking at specific devices, these articles can help you locate the best possible option for your home theater.


Blu Ray Disk

It doesn’t matter how good your Blu-ray player is if you don’t have access to the movies you want. This could mean rebuilding your DVD collection as Blu-ray disks or joining a DVD club that has Blu-ray.

Sound Quality

As important as video is to Blu-ray, the improved storage capacity of Blu-ray means it can improve the sound of movies considerably as well. Just like with the video though, you will need a system optimized to play the Blu-ray sound to get the best quality. That means understanding how to set up your home theater system to take advantage of Blu-ray sound.

Advanced Features

While it is easy to think of Blu-ray as nothing more than high-definition DVDs, there are a lot of other features that are, more or less, unique to Blu-ray. These include things like 3D, BD-Live and augmented reality movies. If you are looking at a Blu-ray player then understanding what features exist is important in finding the best device for you.


Any new technology has glitches and problems and Blu-ray is no exception to that rule. A Blu-ray player is, in part, a powerful computer. This means it can freeze, overheat or simply fail. In order to get the full value out of your player you need to understand how to deal with the most common of the problems these devices face.

On the PC

While movies are what Blu-ray is best known for, it is not the only use for the technology. Blu-ray players are becoming more common in computers as well. A good Blu-ray drive makes a great storage device as well as allowing you to play movies on your computer. Yet, while they have become common, choosing a Blu-ray drive can be even more complicated than buying a good player because you need to understand both the computer and the drive.

On Non-Windows Computers

For those who don’t use Windows, having the ability to use Blu-ray to back up their data and watch movies is still important. So, whether you use a Mac or Linux, if you want to use Blu-ray on these platforms these articles are the best place to start.

PlayStation 3

While there are a lot of good Blu-ray players, one of the best and most popular is the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation costs the same, or even less than, many Blu-ray players and has the ability to play video games as well. So, if you’re considering both Blu-ray and a video game system this can save you both money and space.


Blu-ray is a great medium for storage. In addition, Blu-ray movies are expensive. This makes the ability to burn data onto Blu-ray disks extremely useful. This may mean ripping basic information onto a disk or it might mean backing up a movie. Either way, once you have bought the Blu-ray drive for your computer, it is time to understand how to use those drives.