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Top PC Blu-ray Burners

written by: Matthew Becker•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 9/19/2008

With a minimum 25GB of storage, Blu-ray discs offer a wealth of potential with incredible picture and sound quality. Users who want to make their own Blu-ray discs should check this review of the top PC Blu-ray burners. Whether you need it professionally, or just for fun, this guide will list the best Blu-ray burners available on the market.

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    New to Blu-ray?

    If you're unsure (or even if you are sure) whether or not your computer is well-equipped in order for a Blu-ray drive to run smoothly, it's recommended that you also check out Making your PC Ready for Blu-ray.

    How this guide works
    Note that the brief reviews of the following Blu-ray burners take place in no particular order.  For the most part, I will concentrate on performance, compatibility and price when discussing them.  None of these burners are ranked.  The purpose of this guide is for you to read about the individual burners and make a decision based on what you're reading on which one is right for you.  No one burner is listed as better or worse than another.

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    Philips SPD7000 Blu-Ray Disc Writer
    Costs roughly: $400


    • Easy to install
    • Writes for a variety of media


    • Only records at 2x speed for Blu-ray, DVD or CD
    • Single-layer burning only
    • Pricey for its limited features
    • Copy Protection messages may prevent the reading or burning of some Blu-ray discs, regardless of whether or not the disc contains original content by the user
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    Philips Drive Image

    Phililps Drive
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    Pioneer BDR-202BK Retail Blu-ray Disc Writer
    Costs roughly: $400


    • Can burn up to 4x maximum speed for Blu-ray discs
    • Backwards compatible for burning to DVDs and CDs
    • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
    • Lightweight (just over 2lbs)
    • Rapid burning speeds of up to 1.5Gbps; takes between 22-25 minutes to completely fill the space of a Blu-ray writable disc


    • Only capable of burning single-layered discs
    • Transferring data from a burned Blu-ray disc to the hard drive can be a slow procedure; can sometimes take up to 40 minutes
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    Pioneer Drive Image

    Pioneer Drive
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    Sony BWU200S Internal Blu-ray Disc Rewritable Drive
    Costs roughly:


    • Burns up to 4x maximum speed for Blu-ray discs
    • Backwards compatible for burning to DVDs and CDs
    • Creates high-quality CDs and DVDs (16x burning speed)


    • Expensive, even for current Blu-ray players
    • Bulky, weighs around 3.5lbs
    • Can only burn single-layer discs
    • Downloads and updates are required in order to play commercial blu-ray discs.  Sometimes these downloads come at a price
    • Has some difficulty reading burned Blu-ray discs, such as slow reading times
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    Sony Drive Image

    Sony Drive
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    LiteOn Group LH-2B1S
    Costs roughly:


    • Incredibly light (under 2lbs)
    • 32x CD writing speeds
    • Competitive price
    • Does not require heavy system specs to run (only needs 512MB RAM and 2.0Ghz processor)


    • Single-layer burning for Blu-ray, but can burn dual-layer for DVDs
    • Blu-ray reading and writing is only at 2x speed
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    LiteOn Drive Image

    LiteOn Drive
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    LG GGW-H20L
    Costs roughly:


    • Impressive writing speeds: up to 6x for Blu-ray
    • Competitive price
    • Can write on double-layered discs
    • Able to read now-dead HD DVD discs
    • Supports LightScribe technology
    • Easy installation


    • Can use up a good portion of your CPU and RAM while burning
    • Only reads Blu-ray discs at 2x speed; much lower than its writing speed
    • Writing quality of CDs and DVDs is inconsistent
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    LG Drive Image

    LG Drive