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Best Samsung Blu-Ray Players

written by: Shawn S. Lealos•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 2/18/2011

There are a number of different choices for individuals looking to buy a new Blu-Ray player. Whether you are looking for built-in Wi-Fi, portability or 3-D capabilities, here are recommendations to help you find what you need on your next shopping trip.

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    Samsung BD-C5500

    The biggest downfall to the BD-C5500 Samsung Blu-Ray player is the lack of built in Wi-Fi. The player does offer a Wi-Fi dongle but, at $135 as of February 2011, paying an extra $80 for WiFi capabilities seems an unnecessary expense. The Blu-Ray player is BD-Live ready and offers Internet TV and AllShare, which syncs all the connections in your house. It also offers one HDMI connection, two USB connections and both Dolby Digital TruHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

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    Samsung BD-C6500

    The Samsung BD-6500 Blu-Ray player offers great image quality but is a big sluggish compared to comparable players. This Blu-Ray player offers Samsung Apps, the company’s format for streaming media and Internet services such as Twitter. It is similar to Apple’s App Store and includes YouTube, Pandora, Vudu and Netflix. The only real downfall is the speed of the Blu-Ray player’s boot-up time. The Samsung BD-C6500 starts at $159 as of February 2011.

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    Samsung Blu-Ray Players

    Samsung BD-C5500Samsung BD-C6500Samsung BD-C6900
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    Samsung BD-C6900

    The BD-C6900 is one of the early 3-D Samsung Blu-Ray players. The player features excellent image quality as well as the ability to download directly from Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and Pandora. The player features built in WiFi and has very fast operating speeds. There is also 1GB of storage in the unit. The 3-D compatibilities need to be used with 3-D capable televisions. With a starting price of $349 as of February 2011, the unit might be too pricey if you don’t already have the television.

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    Samsung BD-C7500

    Samsung BD-C7500 One big selling point of the Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray player is the unique futuristic design. The player has a wooden exterior and is wall mountable. The Blu-Ray player also features Internet TV with built-in Wi-Fi. This Blu-Ray player is expensive, running close to $350 as of February 2011. The Blu-Ray player does not offer anything special for the extra money other than the design.

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    Samsung BD-C7900

    Samsung BD-C7900 The BD-C7900 Samsung Blu-Ray player is one of the company’s 3-D options. This Blu-Ray player has dual HDMI outputs to go along with the Samsung Apps availability. The dual HDMI allows the player to remain compatible with older HDMI-compatible receivers. As with all 3-D Blu-Ray players, a 3-D compatible TV and glasses are necessary for viewing of all 3-D products. The player also provides the AllShare access to sync an entire household of computer files for sharing. These Blu-Ray players start at $259 as of February 2011.

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    Samsung BD-C8000

    Samsung BD-C8000 The BD-C8000 is the portable Samsung Blu-Ray player. Much like the other Samsung players, this one also offers Internet TV with access to Blockbuster, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Pandora. Other than offering the ability to watch Blu-Ray movies, a user can share pictures, shop online and blog as well as share files with your PC. The screen is 1.3-inches and the hard drive is 16GB. As far as the Blu-Ray quality, it looks great and offers the option of playing 3-D movies if connected to a 3-D TV.