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Geocaching Canada: Seek, Find, Never Yield

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/12/2010

The trick to geocaching Canada is to enjoy the journey while exploring all the charm and diversity of the Great White North, from the rocky shores of Nova Scotia to the bedazzling, craggy peaks that meet the Pacific, and everything in between. Here is everything you need to plan a trip there.

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    Seeking Treasures and Trinkets in the Great White North

    So geocaching Canada is on your list of things to do, eh? Then you have yourself a good list and you won’t be disappointed, because there are such a wide variety of landscapes to take in, from towering mountains out west, to the rocky eastern shores that are reminiscent of the coastline you would see in a place like Ireland or Scotland. Then you have the endless tundra in the central provinces, filled with lakes, and cold remote places that few travel. Of course there are the cities too; famous for cleanliness, dazzling architecture, old world charm, and surely in the same league with any of the other bustling, activity-packed cities of the world that hog all the press.

    Canada has a thriving and enthusiastic geocaching community that is always looking to one up their fellow geocachers with an intriguing, well-placed cache in a new place. That way, both native caching-Canadians and visitors, intent on bringing their portable GPS devices and their treasure-scavenging abilities, will constantly have new frontiers to explore while seeking. So, if you’re an avid geocacher planning a trip there, don’t forget your GPS.

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    Finding the Geocaching Sites Wherever it is that You’re Roaming in Canada

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    Geocaching Western Canada

    Vancouver Island First off, if it’s British Columbia, you’ve got plenty of options to do this, and you can plan the best trip possible with the resources presented in Geocache Vancouver Island for the Spectacular Scenery. The kayaking/caching combination is a phenomenal manner of taking in the sights if you happen to enjoy engaging in those two outdoor pursuits. Also, for those who want a worthy challenge, read about a multi-cache called the Vancouver Island Topo Challenge. Find all your resources for the Western portion of Canada in that article.

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    Geocaching Eastern Canada

    Since Nova Scotia is an extremely popular destination, be aware that you’ve got plenty of options there. In fact, the region boasts the very first cache ever planted in Canada, and you can get all the details for it here at Incidentally, is a great resource to find all the caches available in Canada which you can search for by city/town or the Google Map function.

    Did you know that George Street, in Saint John’s, has the densest population of bars, per square feet, in the world supposedly? You can look up available geocaching opportunities near there on and combine pub-crawling with caching. Although you’ll likely lose your ability to focus at some point, especially when the digital screen on your GPS gets fuzzy.

    Of course there are plenty of family caches to discover too, which can bring you to interesting historical, picturesque, or other intriguing sites. For more news and event hosting information for this side of Canada, refer to Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association.

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    Geocaching Central Canada

    Calgary The Calgary Stampede draws a tremendous amount of tourists every year for folks to witness the old cowboy ways. So if you’re an Albertan, or travelling there, check in with the locals at Calgary Area Cachers for a complete rundown for all the opportunities in this beautiful Province that once hosted an Olympic Winter Games as well.

    If Alaska happens to be on your list of places to see some day, be apprised of the opportunities there by reading Geocaching in Alaska, the Last Frontier. Otherwise, you have all the best resources now, to find challenging and interesting caches throughout the great nation of Canada. Moreover, you can likely find a geocaching resource roundup for many popular places in the world with a quick search of our site. Good luck, and always remember to respect the land and practice cache-in, trash-out.