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Geocache Vancouver Island for the Spectacular Scenery

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/16/2010

Opportunities to geocache Vancouver Island abound so grab your portable, handheld GPS device, set your sites on a cache or two, and get out into all that rugged, untouchable beauty that British Columbia has to offer. This article provides all the information you need to make it happen.

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    To geocache Vancouver Island you will need your GPS device, your sense of adventure, and a lot of tolerance for beauty. The world should be clued in now to just how breath-taking Vancouver, British Columbia is after witnessing the phenomenal job they did hosting the 2010 Olympic games. The atmosphere is so inviting because you’ve got dreamy seashores, snow-capped peaks, and a sparkling city all in close proximity. So whatever floats your boat (even literally here) is right there waiting for you.

    As discussed many times here, geocaching is a constantly evolving activity moving as swiftly as the GPS technology both here on the ground in the palm of your hands and up there in outer space. Enthusiasts are constantly placing new challenging and exciting caches all the time which keeps this activity fresh. I mention this because it’s likely that geocaches could be stashed, or created virtually, at some of the favorite spots commemorating Olympic moments. Geocachers of the world take note; position new caches in the places around Vancouver to memorialize the accomplishments of your nations astoundingly well-conditioned athletes.

    Since Vancouver Island is a Mecca for so very many other outdoor activities, maybe you should take a gander at Geocaching Plus Your Other Interests Combined: The Best Spots. There you’ll learn all about how you can take your mountain bike along with you for geocaching or anything else you can think of to double your pleasure in the great outdoors.

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    This Way to Geocache Vancouver Island

    3IMGP2029 Let's get right to the best source for geocaching enthusiasts to check in with when you're thinking about engaging in this popular activity in Western Canada's crown jewel which is at Check for events and the most popular caches the locals have using this site. The forums there discuss everything from what they call extreme team activities to Canada’s official policy on geocaching in their pristine and stunning national parks. Check with that forum if you plan on visiting parks and want to bag a cache there too.

    Since we’re talking about an island here, it’s necessary to mention the legendary kayaking opportunities these stunning shores offer experienced kayakers. Hop on over to our fitness channel to read Kayaking Basics and learn about the four basic kinds of kayaks. Combining kayaking and geocaching can be a fun day if you find opportunities to find stashes near the shore. Besides, it’s a good excuse to pull off the water and give your arms a break from paddling.

    In order to find details on sites like that, or any other hidden treasures in and around Vancouver Island, use the search feature on, either by map or city, to find places to go for this hobby in this extraordinary region of British Columbia. And for a challenging multi-cache endeavor, read up on the Vancouver Island Topo Challenge and then test your mettle and endurance because, as you’ll see, this is a feat that entails a very large amount of ground to cover. Whichever sites you choose when you’re ready to geocache Vancouver Island, remember to appreciate the wonder and splendor of the natural world, no matter where your GPS device commands you to go.