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The Best Kindle 2 Case: Buying Guide & Recommendations

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom•updated: 12/9/2010

If you don't prefer to have your Amazon Kindle 2 housed inside a leather, you'd be better with a Kindle 2 case made from other materials - neoprene or polycarbonate perhaps? Here we give you five options for getting the best Kindle 2 case. Read on to find out which suits your taste perfectly.

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    Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case

    Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case 

    This Kindle 2 Neoprene sleeve case from Belkin sports a slim and good-looking design and form factor. It's made from soft and durable neoprene materials that gives your Kindle 2 ample protection from bumps and scratches. What's good about this Kindle 2 case is that it does not add bulk and weight to your device - making it truly portable. The case also protects your Kindle 2's screen, keeping it scratch-free. Even the case's zippers are padded, so you are pretty sure that your Kindle is well protected. (Price: $24.99)

    Buy the Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case.

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    M-Edge Accessories Guardian Case for Kindle

    M-Edge Accessories Guardian Case for Kindle 

    Staying true to its name, this Kindle 2 case safeguards your device from water environments up to 1 meter deep. Despite being sealed, it still allows you to use your Kindle 2's navigation buttons and keyboard. But hey, we're not encouraging you to read your e-books deep in the water or something. Still, if you feel like reading your e-book while in a floating device in the pool, this protective case will ensure that your Kindle 2 will not get wet. This Kindle 2 case provides a secure, watertight seal around your device using dual-hinge, integrated O-ring gasket and four-latch closure system. It has three internal buoyancy chambers that provide distributed flotation-keeping your Kindle afloat and upright. The case also has anti-reflective film that protects your Kindle's screen area while allowing you to read in sunny condition. (Price: $34.99)

    Buy the M-Edge Accessories Guardian Case for Kindle.

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    Speck Fitted Kindle Case

    Speck Fitted Kindle Case 

    One thing that you'd really like about this case is that it adds character to your Kindle 2. This case sports a fashionable design with Speck's trusted hard shell protective case. It snaps on to your Kindle and gives it all the style and protection your device needs and deserves. The case has a fabric-wrapped back which gives the case a tailored look, and a sleek-looking front in black which has all the necessary cut outs you need to operate your Kindle 2. (Price: $34.99)

    Buy the Speck Fitted Kindle Case.

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    Marware Eco-Flip Kindle Flip Case

    Marware Eco-Flip Kindle Flip Case 

    Here's a pretty simple Kindle 2 case from Marware. It's made of eco-fabric along with recycled/recyclable and sustainable materials. The case sports a unique and innovative hand strap and flip top that lets you use your Kindle 2 in standing upright position. Design-wise, this case has a premium look and feel. The case also features an elastic closure strap and foldover tab that keeps your Kindle secured.(Price: $39.99)

    Buy the Marware Eco-Flip Kindle Flip Case.

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    Patagonia Kindle Case

    Patagonia Kindle Case This Kindle 2 case offers great protection for your device with its water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester shell and internal nylon stretch-woven document pocket. What's good about this Kindle 2 case is its plastic zipper which does not send interference due to metal interaction. The case also has a poly-mesh handle that makes it easy to carry the case. (Price: $14.99)

    Buy the Patagonia Kindle Case.

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    There you go, five Kindle 2 cases that provide ample protection for your device. If you don't feel like using this type of case, you might want to check out our previous list on Kindle 2 leather covers or the waterproof covers for Kindle.