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The Best Kindle 2 Leather Covers

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 11/17/2010

Looking for the best Kindle 2 leather covers? We got you covered with our list of the best available. Read on to find out which of these covers gives you the best features and better performance when it comes to protecting your Kindle 2.

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    Kindle Leather Cover by Amazon

    Kindle Leather Cover by Amazon What could be a more fitting cover for your Kindle 2 than the official Amazon Kindle leather cover? It's a good thing that Amazon decided to come out with a leather material for its official Kindle 2 cover. At least you know that the cover was custom-built by the people who created the product. When it comes to features, this Kindle 2 leather cover secures your eReader in place with its patent-pending cover hinge and strap. The leather cover is sturdy and has been made with a stylish, genuine leather exterior so you are pretty much assured that your Kindle is well protected. For its internal features, the leather cover is made of soft charcoal grey suede that gives your Kindle 2 ample protection from scratches. Another nice feature of this Kindle 2 leather cover is that it does not add too much weight to your device. The cover only weighs 6.5 ounces. Finally, the cover provides quick access to your Kindle 2's various features and switches. It's definitely one of the must-have Kindle accessories. (Price: $34.99)

    Buy the Amazon Kindle Leather Cover.

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    M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge

    The M-Edge GO! leather jacket was designed specifically for the Kindle 2. It sports a slim and sleek look and utilizes a Kindle-compatible hinge system. It has upper and lower elastic straps that hold your device in place. The leather cover sports a rich, pebbled purple 100% genuine leather. It's low profile and slim, perfect for those who don't want their Kindle too bulky. The leather jacket also provides all the necessary cutouts for access to all of Kindle's ports and buttons. It's also made perfect for the fashion conscious with 10 colors available - marbled red, smooth black, smooth mocha, pebbled fuschia, pebbled purple, smooth light pink, jade green, pebbled navy blue, pebbled saddle brown, and sapphire blue. (Price: $29.98)
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    Diane von Furstenberg Kallie Leather Clutch for Kindle 2

    Diane von Furstenberg Kallie Leather Clutch for Kindle If the name Diane von Furstenber rings a bell to you, then this Kindle 2 leather cover is for you. Inspired by one of America's premier names in fashion, this leather cover for your Kindle features a Zebra-print on a high quality leather that will not only make you look good but will protect your Kindle 2 as well. It even comes with a signature shiny gold DVF toggle and business card slots on the inside. A Kindle-compatible hinge puts your Kindle securely in place whenever you are on the move, so you can rest easy knowing that your Kindle 2 won't accidentally slip out of the cover. If you're considering to give your wife or girlfriend an eBook reader for Christmas and it happens to be the Kindle 2, you might as well consider getting this Kindle 2 leather cover as well. (Price: $69.00)

    Buy the Diane von Furstenberg Kallie Leather Clutch for Kindle 2.

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    OCTOVO Seamless Kindle 2 Leather Slip Cover - White

    Octobo Seamless Kindle 2 Leather Slip Cover This Kindle 2 leather cover is definitely not for me. I'll turn its pure white color into brown or something in an hour. But that's just me. I'm pretty sure many of you like their gadget covers in white. So, for your Kindle 2, here's a white leather slip-cover that is stylish and yet protective of your device. Handcrafted from a rich embossed Italian leather and complemented with a soft microfiber interior, this white Kindle 2 leather cover is also available in navy and black. It's slim and lightweight and adds very little bulk or weight to your Kindle 2. (Price: $44.99)

    Buy the OCTOVO Seamless Kindle 2 Leather Slip Cover.

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    Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge

    Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge If you're looking for a really nice leather cover for your Kindle 2, check out this Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Cover with Hinge from the popular premier luxury goods brand - Cole Haan. This leather cover protects your Kindle 2 from scratches and has a convenient pocket that you can use for your credit or identification cards. It also features a patented hinge system that keeps your Kindle 2 secured. The leather cover also provides access to your Kindle's power switches and other controls. (Price: $44.99)

    Buy the Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover.