A Shopping Guide for the Best Kindle Skins

Kindle Skins: Reviews & Recommendations


Kindle Skins are the best way to protect your Kindle device while expressing your unique style. There are many different types of Skins for the Kindle. Some are plain, while others are elaborately designed. Each presents users with unlimited customizable skins for their Kindle devices.

DecalGirl Protective Kindle Skins (5 out of 5)



DecalGirl Protective Kindle Skins are among the most attractive skins on the market. They feature unique and colorful designs in many different categories.

Features and Performance

These skins are made especially for the latest generation 6” display Kindle devices. They leave no sticky residue when removed and are available with simple and easy to understand installation instructions. They are covered in a fingerprint-proof matte protective coating, which also helps to decrease glare and scratches.



Each decorative DecalGirl protective skin costs $19.99 and can be purchased at Amazon.

GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skins (5 out of 5)

GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skins1

GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skins2

GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skins are custom designed additions for the Kindle latest generation device.

Features and Performance

They feature 3M technology which leaves no sticky residue when being removed and can be easily repositioned when necessary. GelaSkins Protective Skins for the Kindle are durable and help prevent unwanted damage and scratches to the device. They are made of vinyl and fit every 6” display Kindle.

GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skins3
GelaSkins Protective Kindle Skins4

These GelaSkins skins decorate Kindle devices with high quality graphics in several categories including contemporary to modern fine art prints. They are also UV coated and decrease shine and gloss on the device.


Each GelaSkins costs $19.95 and can be purchased by visiting Amazon.

Skinit Protective Kindle Skins (4 out of 5)

Skinit Protective Kindle Skins1

Skinit Protective Kindle Skins2

Skinit Protective Kindle Skins are designed to fit the 6” display of the latest generation Kindle devices.

Features and Performance

They are available in hundreds of unique and decorative high resolution images including famous names in sports, art, and entertainment. Skinit also allows users to upload their own designs and fit their Kindle with personalized skins. Skinit Protective Skins for the Kindle are scratch resistant and durable additions to the Kindle device.

Skinit Protective Kindle Skins3
Skinit Protective Kindle Skins4


Each Skinit costs $24.99 and can be found on Amazon’s website.

SumacLife Amazon Silicone Kindle Skins (4 out of 5)

SumacLife’s Kindle Skins1

SumacLife’s Kindle Skins2

SumacLife’s Kindle Skins are made of silicone and help protect the device from scratches and damage that results from casual usage.


It is a tight and close fitting silicone case which wraps around the screen and keys of the Kindle device. It has openings on the sides for access to the keyboard, slots, jacks and buttons, and fits the Amazon Kindle DX’s 9.7” screen and the Amazon Kindle 2’s 6” screen. It is also available in several plain solid colors.

SumacLife’s Kindle Skins3
SumacLife’s Kindle Skins4


At only $9.99 SumacLife’s Skins for your Kindle can be purchased by visiting Amazon.

Black Cat Design Protective Decal Kindle Skins (4 out of 5)

Black Cat Kindle Skins1

Black Cat Kindle Skins2

Black Cat Kindle Skins are nicely designed additions to the Kindle 3’s 6” display screen.

Features and Performance

Each skin covers the front and back of the device with non-permanent adhesive and a scratch resistant coating. Users can remove these skins without worrying about sticky residue being left behind. They are made of a high quality vinyl which is both thin and tough enough to safeguard the device from possible damage.


Each Black Cat skin costs $14.99 and can be purchased on Amazon’s website.

Factory Outlet Protective Kindle Skins (5 out of 5)

Factory Outlet Protective Kindle Skins1

Factory Outlet Protective Kindle Skins2

Factory Outlet’s Kindle Skins are perfect for people who are looking for elaborately designed and stylish skins for their Kindle devices.

Features and Performance

Factory Outlet Kindle covers allow users to personalize their device with many different designs in stock to choose from. They feature non permanent adhesive and scratch resistant coating for the Kindle. Made of high quality vinyl these skins are both thin and effective protective skins.

Factory Outlet Protective Kindle Skins3
Factory Outlet Protective Kindle Skins4


Each Factory Outlet skin costs $14.99 and can be purchased by visiting Amazon’s website.


These Kindle Skins are the highest rated skins available for Kindle devices. They are made from scratch resistant materials like vinyl that ensures a long and damage-free life for Kindle devices. Each skin brand has its own unique designs, features, and levels of personalization.

Screenshots by author courtesy of Amazon.