Which is The Best Bluetooth Stereo Headset on the Market Today?

Which is The Best Bluetooth Stereo Headset on the Market Today?
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Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The Sony Ericson HBH-IS800 is definitely one of the best Bluetooth stereo headset units available today because of its solid sound effects. It is an excellent choice for people who are looking out for the smallest Bluetooth headsets that can be used with an A2DP-compatible phone. The tiny size of the wireless headset does not compromise on the quality of sound by any means, while the exceptional design, necessary functions and superior sound quality are all fused together to make this an astounding stereo bluetooth headset.

Striking Features


  • Auto-Pairing: This feature allows pairing the device with the Bluetooth phone quickly and easily. It is done by just tapping in the PIN code with no compromise on security.
  • Enhanced Data Rate: The transmission speed and bandwidth are greater while the power consumption is less. This allows less disruption and enhanced battery performance.
  • High Quality Sound: The headset is designed to provide the best audio quality with clear sound effects, deep bass and enhanced performance.

Best price offer for Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 at Amazon: $139.95

MotoROKR S9 HD Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The MotoROKR S9HD Bluetooth stereo headset from Motorola is a good competitor when compared against its other high-end counterparts. It is designed with more enhancements on the previous S9 generation.

Highlights of the MotoROKR S9 HD Bluetooth

MotoROKR S9 HD Bluetooth

  • Audio: The sound quality is good with most of the phones and the headset is compatible with phones manufactured by other brands too. Music playback is pretty good, and you can enjoy rocking sound effects and a powerful bass as well. However, the quality of voice for calls is not as good as the stereo sound quality.
  • Battery__: The S9 HD comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with an included AC charger. The battery can be fully charged in about 2 hours and can play music for approximately 6 hours. The charging port is present at the back side of the headset.
  • Pairing features: This headset supports mono as well as stereo audio profiles. The power switch has to be pressed and held down until the LED glows in a deep blue color. Now, the phone can be paired with the headset. As far as the phone functions are concerned, the headset has options for re-dialing the last number, making, and receiving calls.

Best price offer for MotoROKR S9 HD at Amazon: $48.59

Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth Headset

The Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth headset offers superb sound quality with its powerful amplifier producing 3D sound effects. It comes with an adjustable neckband which provides good comfort, thus making the whole package a great deal.

Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth Headset at a Glance

Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth Headset

  • Compatibility: The SBH-600 headset is not only compatible with the Bluetooth phones but also with the non-bluetooth media players/MP3 players, phones and compatible PC’s.
  • Requirement: The headset requires the phone or music players to be A2DP Bluetooth enabled in order to function. An appropriate A2DP adapter can be used for this purpose, or an A2DP upgrade can also be done.
  • Package: The boxed retail version includes the SBH-600 headset, a 3.5mm adapter cable for compatibility with non-bluetooth devices, a travel adapter, and a travel case for easy storage.

Best price offer for Samsung SBH-600 at Amazon:$118.00

Note: The Samsung WEP470 is yet another good choice, and you can check out detailed review of Samsung WEP470 here.

Which is the Best Bluetooth Stereo Headset?

Well, having seen these three fabulous options, it is really hard to give a verdict as to which is the best bluetooth stereo headset. The choice of brand and model is often a subjective one. Moreover, each of these bluetooth headsets have got their share of good and bad features. Hence, in the end, it all boils down to the decision of end user. After all, you’re going to use the headset, and some will fit you better than others. Where possible, try them out in the store to see how each fits, and then compare the best features for your budget.