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Study Medical Terminology Online

written by: Willa•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 3/30/2010

Get an edge on your career in the medical field, as you study Medical Terminology online from the convenience of your home.

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    Available Sources of Study

    You may study medical terminology online through a reputable college or university that offers continuing education through private or even free medical terminology online classes or programs.

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    Corexcel, accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, may be offered through colleges and universities or individually purchased.

    This medical terminology online course provides modules of studies in a combination of anatomy and physiology with lessons such as:

    • Introduction to Medical Terminology
    • Human Body in Health and Disease
    • Diagnostic Procedures and Pharmacology
    • Individual modules on all of the body's systems

    The classes are interactive, offering audio playback on the terminology terms, games, case studies and multi-media animations to enhance knowledge. Upon completion, this self-paced course will provide the ability to recognize and define medical terminology from root words, prefixes and suffixes, identify abbreviations and analyze words. The Corexcel Medical Terminology online course offers these options:

    Medical Terminology online, with no textbooks-$318

    Medical Terminology online, including practice software & textbooks-$418.95

    Medical Terminology online, textbooks & Mosley's Medical Dictionary-$451.90

    Course may be completed and certificate earned within one year of study.

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    Free-Education on the Internet

    This free, self-contained, self-paced course allows you to study medical terminology online if you are an individual working in areas of health care. It enables you to enhance their knowledge and communicate with medical professionals.

    The "flash card" format offers a 4-part couse of studies in Introduction to the Program, Stems, Prefixes and Suffixes. A total of 28 lessons will cover the components to medical terms in stems pertaining to each system in the body, prefixes pertaining to location, time, negation, amount or comparison, color, size and position. Suffixes pertaining to diseases, diagnosis, operative procedures and symptoms will complete the course. Multiple choice exams are included at the end of each section.

    The U.S. Army manual, Basic Medical Terminology, edition 100, provides this medical terminology online course free of charge.

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