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How Affordable Online Master Degrees Can Open Doors for You

written by: •edited by: Sylvia Cochran•updated: 12/1/2009

Are you looking into boosting your resume and education with an online master’s degree? Save money and time by earning an affordable online masters degree. You will get to keep your job while earning your degree and still have money left over.

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    How to Stand Out

    In the past, anyone who had a bachelor’s degree was pretty much guaranteed a job. This was a time when few people went to college and a college degree was a major accomplishment. While a college degree is still a major accomplishment, more and more people are earning them. Chances are that if an employer is collecting resumes to fill a position, he will come across many applicants with a bachelor’s degree.

    So, how do job applicants expect to beat out the competition? Earning a masters degree is one way to add that extra pizzazz to your resume, but learning where to find affordable online masters degrees may be the most beneficial way to reach that goal.

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    Schools Offering Affordable Online Master Degrees

    • Columbia Southern University - $260 per credit hour
    • Aspen University - $300 per credit hour
    • Columbia College - $305 per credit hour
    • Western Governors University - $2980 to $3250 per 6 month term regardless of how many classes taken.
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    A masters degree can greatly increase your chances of landing the job you want, but there is no reason to spend exorbitant amounts of money on your masters degree. An inexpensive online masters degree program has many benefits.

    • Save money on your tuition bill. You are earning the degree to help you further your career and earn a higher salary. Paying too much for your masters degree means that all your extra money from the higher salary will go towards paying the tuition you incurred to have the higher salary. This somewhat defeats the purpose.

    • Save time. Traditional masters degree programs require you to take time off work to attend classes. In addition to time off work, you also have to drive to and from the university. Attending a masters degree online means that your only commute is a short walk to your computer. An online degree allows you to attend class and complete homework on your schedule. This means that you can attend school after work, which eliminates the need to take time off from work.

    • Save money on gas and eating out. College students often live off fast food. With all the darting to and from classes, there is little time to prepare a good meal. Since you do not have to hurry to make it to class on time, you can take the time to eat a good meal at home. This will save you from spending extra money eating out. You will also reap the benefits of eating healthier food by avoiding the typically unhealthy fast food.

    • Have more time with your family. Earning a masters degree online fits into your schedule; it does not dictate your schedule. This means that you can still be present for family functions and still be there to see that new school play. Vacations are also possible if you have a laptop. Simply take school with you!