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Why You Should Get Your Online PhD in English!

written by: Elizabeth Porter•edited by: Jacqueline Chinappi•updated: 11/26/2010

Interested in obtaining your PhD in English? Further your career while staying in the comfort of your home. Read to find out what to expect from courses, how much you can make with your PhD, how much it'll cost, and where to look.

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    Why an Online PhD in English

    If you are looking to further your career in the English field by obtaining your PhD then you have a lot of options out there. A lot of prestigious institutions will give you the opportunity to get your degree along with their reputation and connections. However, in the real world, too many of us are tied up in our personal and professional lives to have time to commute to a standard university and take their rigid course schedule.

    In this global 21st centuary technology age, online universities and colleges are on the up rise. Almost long gone are the days of suspicious online universities that ask for your information and send you a diploma a short while later. While no online university to this writer's knowledge can substitute for the in person experience or long-standing reputation that many standard universities offer, you'll find that many prestigious universities are now offering more and more degree programs each semester.

    With a little help of this article, you'll find that starting your online PhD in English is just a few mouse clicks away.

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    What a PhD in English Offers You


    If you are looking to get an online PhD in English then you are probably looking to become a professor or another form of educator. The most common jobs are: associate professor, professor, English Language/Literature teacher (post-secondary), high school teacher, and instructor.


    According to the following information represents the median salary for these particular jobs with a PhD in English:

    • Associate Professor: $42,982
    • Professor: $73,983
    • English Language/Literature teacher: $51,379
    • High School Teacher: $45,860
    • Instructor (post-secondary): $38,000.
    Of course, salaries are based on a median not what you might actually make. To get a more percise idea of what you'd make you need to look at local job postings since salaries vary greatly between states and institutions/companies.

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    Program Expectations and Cost

    How Many Courses?

    Course requirements depend on the college or university you are enrolling in, but the average is 11-13 courses or 39 credits. You do need to look at requirements carefully because at the PhD level, many universities want their students to at least come to their location for their dissertation.

    Your master's degree can also affect how many courses you ultimately take. For example, if your master's degree was in Buisness Administration then you will need to take some English courses to get you ready. However, if you master's degree was in English then you may be able bypass some of those requirements and take fewer courses.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Cost depends on the university you choose. Some unviersities (even if they are online) will give discounts to in-state students, so if you find one in your own state that might save you a few dollars. Doctorate courses are generally more expensive then other degree programs. One university stated $1,800 per course. When estimating cost you also need to consider other things such as books, fees, taxes, and transportation costs if you need to attend any required events such as dissertation.

    Where Can I Begin Looking?

    There aren't many reputable universities out there that offer online PhD in English degrees. I will be on the look out for more, but here is what I have found:

    Old Dominion University

    Texas Tech University - PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric