Kindergarten Math: Practice Basic Skills

Kindergarten Readiness

Most of us remember our kindergarten teacher. It was probably one of the funnest classes we had as children. There are a lot of games and activities that are done in kindergarten. Make no mistake though, because kindergarten is really the foundation for the rest of your child’s educational experience. If they fall behind here, it won’t make them feel too good and can lead to future struggles in academics. That’s why preparing for kindergarten is so important. Making sure your child has kindergarten math practice of the basic skills is something that parents can do to make sure your child is ready to enter school!

Preparing for Kindergarten Math

Don’t panic. Your child doesn’t need to know how to add or subtract yet, but there are some kindergarten math basic skills that will give your kindergarten a boost and ensure that math is not a scary thing for them. Use the tips below as you are preparing for kindergarten math.

  • Help your child to count to 10 by doing it progressively. For instance, have them do a race and make 3 the "go" number. The next time, make it "4" and so on.
  • Practice counting items with your child. As they clean their room, have them count the action figures or dolls as they put them away.
  • Play a simple game of dice with your child so that they can practice counting the dots on the dice.
  • Use dot-to-dot coloring books so that children can learn number recognition and sequence.
  • Help your child to learn number recognition and begin learning the calender by helping them to mark off the days before school starts. Have them say the date and help them as needed. Then, count the days left until school starts.
  • Use simple techniques to teach grouping. Have your child help you do things like out the silverware away. In this way they can learn to put like items together.

Look for more articles on preparing your child for kindergarten including sight words for kindergarten readiness so you can learn the specifics of what your child needs to know and how they can start will a complete set of kindergarten readiness skills.You can even contact your child’s school for a list of things they need to know when entering kindergarten, including a list of kindergarten math practice problems.

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