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Understanding Vista Basic & Home Premium Editions

written by: Regina Woodard•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 1/11/2011

Vista comes in four different versions, but most people will only need to know about the Vista Basic and Vista Home Premium Editions. We'll talk about each of these two versions, what features each comes with, and how these features can help you be more productive around the home or office.

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    Microsoft’s Vista operating system is the most robust office tool they have produced, so far, with time-saving and enabling features, skills, and abilities for the office and home requiring formidable hardware to use the set of new capabilities designed into Vista. It’s available in four primary versions - Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. The fifth version, Vista Enterprise, is intended to service big corporations and it’s only obtainable using Microsoft’s corporate Software Assurance Program. Information on the various options available to you can help with knowing the Vista’s hardware requirements as well as which version will best serve your needs, whether it be for the home or the office.

    In this part one of a two part series on Vista’s versions, we will discuss Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium Editions, including the differences between them, the features included with each and the capabilities common to both.

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    Tips and Tricks

    The computer system you use may have the ability to run the Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium Editions, but this doesn't mean it will support the full set of features included in these editions. Fortunately, Microsoft has thought of this and even if the system isn't up to the hardware grade required, Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium Editions may still be installed. Vista in most instances will automatically power-down certain features to allow them to continue to function or turn-off particular capabilities to allow the system to still operate Vista within operating parameters. Click the link to read on how to circumvent this possibility by using the Vista Upgrade Advisor.

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    Options Included with Both Versions

    • Windows Remote Desktop
    • Windows Instant Search
    • Partial Windows Mobility Center
    • Automatic content organization using file properties and tags
    • Internet Explorer 7.0
    • Windows Firewall
    • Windows Defender
    • Windows Update
    • Windows Security Center
    • Vista's User Account Controls
    • Windows ReadyDrive
    • Supports 64-bit processor
    • Vista's Basic user interface
    • Automatic disc defragmentation
    • Windows Mail
    • Wiindows Calendar
    • Windows Sidebar
    • Supports simultaneous SMB peer network connects
    • Backup and recovery of user files and folders
    • Sleep capability
    • Windows Easy Transfer
    • Windows Media Player 11
    • Windows Photo Gallery
    • Automatic computer system tuning and hardware diagnostics
    • Games Explorer
    • Windows Sync Center
    • Windows Network Center
    • Support for all available game controllers
    • Can use XPS documents
    • Windows Speech Recognition
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    The Features Included with Each Version

    Vista Home Premium Edition has all the features available with Vista Home Basic, including the list below of additional features included with Vista Home Basic.

    • Windows Movie Maker
    • Parental Controls
    • Ability to make slide shows
    • You can install up to 4GB of RAM in a 32-bit system and up to 8GB in the 64-bit systems

    Features included in Vista Home Premium, but not Vista Home Basic versions.

    • Beautiful Aero Interface
    • Windows Media Center
    • Ability to make high definition movies
    • Ability to make DVDs
    • Access to premium games
    • Backup of your folders to a network device
    • Ability to schedule backup of your files
    • Ability to setup the presentation and look of your computer
    • Computer to computer synchronization
    • Windows SideShow
    • Ability to use Network Projection
    • Support for Windows Tablet PCs
    • Can support up to 4GB in 32-bit systems and up to 16 GB in the 64-bit systems
    • Windows Media Center

Comparison between Vista Basic and Vista Ultimate Editions

Vista comes in four different versions, from Vista Basic versions to Vista Ultimate versions. This is a comprehensive comparison between the various basic and ultimate versions and what each can do to help you be more productive around the office.
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