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Ten Places to Find Great Microsoft Word Church Templates

written by: •edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 11/5/2012

You can create a church newsletter to keep your church body informed and on task. While it can be difficult to find templates specifically made for churches, you can customize standard templates so that they become free church newsletters templates for Microsoft Word.

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    A church newsletter helps you keep your congregation up to date about everything from upcoming classes to needs in the community to the church's current budget. Even if you don't have a desktop publishing program, you can create a custom newsletter using Microsoft Word. It is difficult to find Microsoft Word church templates --particularly free ones-- but you can accomplish your goal by modifying other newsletter templates.

    In the first part of this two-part series, you will find ten websites offering free church newsletters templates for Microsoft Word, listed in alphabetical order. In the second part, you will learn how to use one to create a custom church newsletter.

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    Brainy Betty

    Brainy Betty newsletter template 

    Brainy Betty offers a page full of various Microsoft Word templates. Included in these are a several newsletter templates, any of which could be modified as different Microsoft Word church templates. For instance, the Class Newsletter or School Newsletter would be ideal to use as newsletters for parents of kids attending Sunday school or VBS. You can create the Email Newsletter in Word and then send it off as an email message or attachment.

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    Certificate Street

    Certificate Street Newsletters 

    Certificate Street has two full pages of free Microsoft Word newsletter templates, each of which could be tailored to your church's needs. These templates are bright and vivid, and some have a theme that could be used for a special seasonal newsletter, such as the Patriotic Themed Newsletter or the Autumn Themed Newsletter.

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    Christmastime Clip Art

    Christmastime Clip Art newsletter template 

    As the name denotes, Christmastime Clip Art offers a variety of clip art graphics to download and enjoy. However, they also carry a variety of templates, including three free Christmas newsletter templates that could be used as free church newsletters templates for Microsoft Word. These templates are colorful and joyous, ideal for sending out Christmas tidings.

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    Education World

    Education World newsletter template 

    Newsletters are beneficial for your Sunday School or VBS parents, or perhaps you have a church-run preschool or elementary school and would like to send parents a newsletter. If so, Education World has many from which to choose. There are separate templates for each month, except during the summer. They do offer templates condensing these months, as well. Each of these templates has a fitting graphic, such as candy hearts for the month of February, and a small calendar along with sections in which to type news.

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    HP newsletter template 

    The Hewlett-Packard website hosts myriad business and personal templates for Microsoft Word. Among these are a collection of newsletter templates that range from fun and colorful to professional and refined. They offer other templates in matching themes as well, which is ideal of you want to coordinate your church newsletters with flyers or brochures.

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    InZones newsletter template 

    InZones is a digital design firm that boasts a variety of PowerPoint and Word templates, as well as images to use to customize your documents. Among these are two free newsletter templates that could be used as church newsletter templates, including a patriotic-themed newsletter and a company newsletter, shown here.

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    Microsoft newsletter template 

    This list would not be complete without mentioning the Microsoft Template website, which is replete with an array of free newsletter templates, most of which would work perfectly as a church newsletter template. For example, the Employee Newsletter template is polished and professional, allowing you to clearly provide information. The Family Newsletter template, shown here, is warm and cheery.

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    Powered Template

    Powered Templates newsletter template 

    Powered Template is a professional template company that sells countless templates for a wide variety of programs. Among these are several free newsletter templates, some of which would make eye-catching church newsletter templates. While you might want to skip past the Michael Jackson and some of the other newsletter templates, many are perfectly suited for church newsletters. For instance, the Christmas Love Word template, shown here, could be used to convey Christ's love any time of year. You will be required to register with the site in order to download a free newsletter template.

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    Stock Layouts

    Stock Layouts newsletter template 

    Stock Layouts is a graphic design and production company that creates and sells numerous types of publications. As a service, they provide a handful of free templates that potential buyers can try out for a sampling of their abilities. Among these is a free newsletter template that you can download and customize for your church newsletter. This newsletter is a half-fold that prints onto 11x17 paper, so make sure that your printer has this capability. You will also be required to create a free account before you can download this template.

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    Sample Newsletter Templates

    Sample Newsletter Templates 

    Sample Newsletter Templates presents three different newsletter templates that could be adapted to create church newsletters. The layouts and color schemes are basic yet professional in appearance, and easy to work with. They can be printed on to legal size (8 1/2 x 14) paper and then folded to create a four-page newsletter.

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    Making a Newsletter

    Be sure to check out the second article in this series to learn the steps to create your own, custom church newsletter in Word using your chosen template.

Microsoft Word Church Newsletters

Need to know how to make a church newsletter? This series will show you where to find free newsletter templates and then walk you through the steps of creating a church newsletter in Microsoft Word.
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