This Day in Computer History: September 15

Written by:  Pipedreamergrey • Edited by: Christian Cawley
Published Sep 15, 2008
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Today marks the anniversary of the release of the film Hackers and the registration of the Google domain name. Read about these events and more in "This Day in Computer History", a chronology of notable events in the computer, ecommerce, and software industries on this day in history.

This Day in Computer History


The first British-built robot was demonstrated by A.H. Renfell and Captain Rickards at the Model Engineering Exhibition in London, England.


The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) was founded to organize conferences and educational workshops on technology.


Micro-Soft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen as high schoolers. Together, they wrote software for MITS Altair 8800 computer systems. It will officially be registered as Microsoft in November 1976.


Apple Computer introduced the Apple IIGS (“GS” for Graphics and Sound) computer in 1 MHz and 2.8 MHz models, as a successor to the Apple II. Price: $1,000 - $1,900


Apple Computer recalled its PowerBook 5300 portable computer after two machines burst into flames over the course of the past week because of malfunctioning lithium ion batteries. Apple replaced them with a cooler nickel metal hydride battery. The trade-off is that the new batteries didn't hold a charge as long.

The Intel Corporation announced the construction of a new one hundred million dollar manufacturing complex in Du Pont, Washington. The ground breaking ceremony for the new facility is scheduled for October 31.

The film Hackers, directed by Iain Softley and starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, is released to U.S. theaters. In it, a young hacking prodigy uncovers a plot to frame him. He must race to prevent a dangerous virus from being released while being pursued by the U.S. Secret Service. The film will be widely heckled, especially by actually programmers, for its campy portrayal of hacker culture and its wildly inaccurate representation of computing technology. MPAA Rating: PG-13 Running Time: 1 hr 47 mins


Apple Computer introduced a number of Power Macintosh 6500 systems with processors ranging in speed from 275 - 300 MHz PowerPC processors.

Google registered the Internet domain eight days after its incorporation.


Following the completion of the record merger of MCI Communications and WorldCom, MCI WorldCom opens for business. Five years later, the company declared bankruptcy.


Microsoft announced the $1.3 billion acquisition of the Visio Corporation, a developer of engineering applications.


VeriSign implemented a wildcard service for the .com and .net top level domains (TLDs), which redirect invalid domains to a Verisign error page. ICANN will eventually order VeriSign to discontinue the unauthorized service, and Verisign complied on October 4.


Desktop Light Linux (DeLi Linux) 0.7 was released. The DeLi distribution was optimized for older systems. It requires only a 386 processor, 8 MB RAM, and 400MB of hard disk space.


The Game Technology Group of Sun Microsystems released the Java OpenGL (JOGL) wrapper library 1.0. It makes C programming language functions to the Java programming language through OpenGL.

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