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Accessing the Windows Vista Media Center Guide

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 6/14/2009

Media Center is included with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. If you have a TV tuner, you can use Media Center’s Guide to download and access two weeks of television listings, and use those listings to record and manipulate live TV.

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    Access Media Center’s Guide

    To access the guide, follow these instructions,

    1. From the remote control press the Guide button to display the Guide. You can also press the green button, and then scroll down to TV + Movies and scroll right to Guide.

    2. Now use the arrow keys on the remote control to browse up and down and left to right on the Guide. To move into the future and see what television shows are going to be on, press the right arrow key. You can’t move into the past. The Guide shows you what is on at the moment and in the future. Notice that the guide is split into three areas: Categories (Left of the Guide), TV Channels (Next to Categories), and Television Shows (This occupies most of the space on the screen).

    3. You can select almost anything on the Guide that you can move to with the arrow keys. For example, press the right arrow key to move the selection right on the guide. You’ll notice that as you move the selection from television show to television show that a description is shown on the bottom of the screen. If you’ve selected a movie, sometimes a rating is also displayed. You’ll learn more about how to browse movies in Media Center that are showing on television soon.

    4. If you want more information about a television show that airs in the future, select it, and then press OK. If you select a television show that is currently airing, Media Center changes the television channel so that you can view it.

    5. When you select a television show on the Guide that airs in the future and press OK, the next screen is called the Program Info screen and shows four options, Record, Record Series, Advanced Record, and Other Showings. For more information about the Program Info screen, see the Program Info section below.

    Tip: You can also select a television show and press the More button on your Media Center remote control to display a similar menu with the options Program Info, Record, Record Series, and Categories.

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