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35 Things You Didn't Know About Windows Vista: 6 - 10

written by: sammy•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 5/12/2009

Here are some more lesser-known features, tools and settings that every Vista user should know.

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    1. Side Bar gadgets help to access your programs easily

    Gadgets are small applications that run in the Windows Sidebar (a pane that runs down the side of the screen at all times). Vista includes a lot of these gadgets or you can download new Sidebar Gadgets like calendars, photo viewers, news updates, performance monitors etc. from the Windows Vista website. All these application can then be accessed directly from your desktop without having to launch a program.

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    2. Resource Exhaustion Prevention protects your PC against crashes

    Everyone has experienced the frustration of losing work because of PC crashes. There can be many reasons behind a system crash, but the good thing is that Vista includes a feature called Resource Exhaustion Prevention, which alerts the user when Windows is showing signs that it can't cope with certain application and is going to crash. This gives you the opportunity to save your work quickly and even prevent the crash by closing those applications.

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    3. File icons can be customized

    Vista takes a new approach to file icons (the thumbnail-size images that represent your documents). Instead of using a single image that identifies which application has produced the doc­ument, Vista presents an image of the document itself. Open a folder and click the View menu, and you have the choice of a num­ber of different sizes that can help you identify the file you are look­ing for.

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    4. Ready Boost enables you to boost system RAM

    RAM is a major factor that decides the performance of your system. When you are working in applications that use lots of memory, such as video-editing packages, or while running a number of programs at the same time, the system can go low on RAM and become dead slow. Vista has a feature called Ready boost, which is a clever way of adding more memory as needed. This feature enables Windows to share the memory of USB devices or Flash memo­ry cards, so when you plug in such a device, Vista provides the option to use its memory to boost system RAM.

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    5. Windows Meeting Space lets you collaborate online

    Vista includes a new feature that lets you work and communicate with other people. Called Windows Meeting Space, this application lets you set up virtual meeting room over a wired or a wireless network so that people can see documents you're working on and exchange notes with each other. Up to nine people can take part in a Meeting Space session using Vista Home Premium or Ultimate.


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