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Windows Mobile Live Search

written by: Brian Nelson•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 12/2/2008

Looking for an application that will let you use your Windows Mobile device to actually help you when you are mobile? Windows Mobile Live Search can help you find restaurants, gas stations, bookstores, coffee shops, designer shoe stores, and more, all based on your exact address or location.

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    Windows Mobile Live Search – Basic and Boring

    You can tell someone has fallen behind the times when all they can talk about is email or texting on a mobile device. Yeah, I had that last year. Now, I want this thing to really help me out, not just let my boss yell at me, or that girl in Algebra tell me my shoes look funny. Come on, Windows Mobile based phone, show me the money.

    Microsoft says, “Check out Windows Mobile Live Search”

    Oh, yeah.

    live-main Windows Mobile Live Search seems unassuming at first. It’s just a simple screen with 9 icons, and one of those icons doesn’t even work. There is a map feature. Fine, but everyone has that. Directions are really part of the map, so I’m assuming the only reason the icon is there is for symmetry.

    traffic There is also a traffic feature which is nice. The colors tell you how congested the roads are. (The only reason it is all green is because that screenshot is from 9:12 PM. Traffic is terrible here all the time. Please don't move here.) Ok, traffic is cool, but the radio station guy in the helicopter tells me that every ten minutes. Weather? Please. I’ve got 900 places to get the weather, including the built-in weather icon on my Sprint HTC Touch main screen. (It’s the big sun.)

    Gas Prices doesn’t do anything. I guess us hicks in Denver don’t know that gas stations charge different prices. Oh, wait, it doesn’t work for Chicago either. Well, I think we can safely call that a fail.

    Collections is a way to build your own search info, and web is nothing more than the exact same thing as going to and doing a search, so whoo-hoo.

    movies The Movies feature is actually very nice. Search by Movie title, and when you click on it, you’ll get a list of theatres and times. Alternatively, you can search by Theatre and see a list of what is playing there with show times. This is great if you just finished dinner and you want to see a movie. Either find out where the movie is playing so you can get going, or find out what is playing nearby and just go with what is available. Nice, but not worth the bother for the application.

    Wait a minute. What is this?

    Oh, yes...there is more. And it's good.

Windows Mobile Live Search

Windows Mobile Live Search can be the most useful application on your cell phone or mobile device. But, if you don't use it quite right, it can be a big waste of space.
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