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Create a New Contact and Business Card in Outlook 2007

written by: Meryl K Evans•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 12/31/2008

Stay in touch without working harder than necessary with these simple tips for entering and finding your Outlook 2007 contacts.

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    The Contact module in Outlook 2007 gives you a resource for managing and tracking contracts, addressing emails by entering a person's name instead of trying to remember the email address, and creating distribution lists for emailing groups without having to re-enter everyone into the email every time you send a group email.

    Also, whenever you add a person as a contact, it puts that person's email into the Safe Senders List so the person's emails make it through your spam filter.

    Outlook creates an Electronic Business Card for every contact. Whenever you make changes to a contact's information, Outlook also updates the associated Electronic Business Card. An Electronic Business Card provides information about a contact for inserting into emails.

    You can create a new contact from within the Contact module, from an e-mail message, or from a received Electronic Business Card. Add a new contact following these steps:

    1. Click Contacts from the Navigation Pane to switch to the Contacts module.
    2. Click New from the Standard toolbar, or use Ctrl+N shortcut.
    3. Complete the form.
    4. Click the photo icon next to the person's name to add a picture (optional).
    5. Click Business Card from the Contact tab's Options menu to edit the Electronic Business Card
    6. Click OK when finished.
    7. Click Save & Close.

    To add multiple entries in a field -- such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses -- click the down arrow next to the field. The item that appears first is the default.

    The Contact Details page provides more fields if you wish to add more information about a contact.

    A contact's Activities section lists Contacts, E-mails, Journal entries, Notes and Upcoming Tasks/Appointments involving the contact. For example, when you send or receive an email from the contact, the Activities page adds it to the list. The icons next to each activity give you a quick visual for identifying the type of activity associated with the item. Click any activity to display it.

    For contacts with an address, click on Map from the Communicate group in the Contact tab, and Outlook opens the map in your Internet browser.

    You should have your own Business Card, too. Make one by creating a Contact item with your details. You can include the Business Card in every e-mail message by creating a signature using the card.

    Save time when you enter a couple of contacts from the same company. Select the down arrow next to Save & New and select "New Contact from the Same Company." Outlook automatically enters some of the information such as Company Name, Address, Web page address and phone number.

    Create a new contact from an e-mail message by doing these steps:

    1. Open the e-mail message from the contact.
    2. Right-click the sender's name and select Add to Outlook Contacts.
    3. Fill in any other fields.
    4. Click Save & Close.

    To add a contact from an Electronic Business Card, right-click the card and select "Add to Outlook Contacts." Complete the form and click "Save & Close." If you have a contact with the same name, double-click the contact to update the information.

    Open the contact anytime to add, modify and delete information as needed. You can modify the Electronic Business Card to add or remove information to display.