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Working with Outlook Calendar Items

written by: Meryl K Evans•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 8/9/2011

You can change options for an appointment and change recurring events without deleting them and creating another one. Recurring appointments aren't just for meetings.

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    Modify and Delete Calendar Items

    Outlook lets you change the options for an appointment using the following ways:

    • Double-click an item: Open the item and modify the options.
    • Drag and drop an item: Move an appointment to another day, time, or both with drag and drop.
    • Right-click an item: Open, Print, Forward, Edit Series and Delete appear in the right-click menu.
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    Create and Modify Recurring Calendar Items

    Create and Modify Recurring Calendar Items

    Why repeatedly enter an event or activity that you do on a regular basis? Instead, take advantage of the recurring feature by entering it once and apply Recurrence. Examples of recurring items include regularly scheduled meetings, exercise time, birthdays, and anniversaries.

    Create a recurring item:

    1. Create a new appointment, task, event, or meeting by selecting New from the File menu (for an event, click All day event from the Appointment window).
    2. Click Recurrence, which appears in the Options group with a circular icon.
    3. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly under Recurrence pattern.
    4. Select the other options as needed. Each Calendar type has slightly different options, in which details appear in their respective chapters.
    5. Click OK, and click Save and Close.

    Tip: You can identify a Calendar item as a recurring item through its circular icon.

    Anytime you need to change an appointment, open the Appointment to change its options then click Save and Close. To change an item with a recurrence with the following steps:

    1. Double-click the Recurring Item.
    2. Select Open the Series and click OK.
    3. Change the Subject, Location and notes on the Recurring Appointment tab.
    4. Click Recurrence from the Options group.
    5. Change the options for the appointment and click OK.
    6. Click Save and Close.

    Cancellations, conflicts, and other reasons come up that require you to change or delete one occurrence. Follow these steps to change one occurrence in a series:

    1. Double-click the Recurring Item.
    2. Select Open this Occurrence and click OK.
    3. Click Delete from the Actions group to delete this one item, or change the options on the Appointment tab.
    4. Click Save and Close.

    Tip: Drag a Calendar item to a different date to reschedule it. If you drag a recurring item, Outlook asks if you want to change all of the items in the series or only this occurrence. Click Yes for one occurrence. Changing the series requires opening the Calendar item.