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5 Adorable Puppy Wallpapers

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 3/24/2011

Puppy wallpapers are so adorable. They also make a nice addition to any computer. It doesn't matter if you are a dog lover or not, these are absolutely adorable. In this guide, you will find five free puppy dog wallpapers you can use on your desktop.

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    Puppy Wallpaper

    Puppy wallpaper is adorable and even if you are not a dog lover, you will still find these wallpapers adorable. Most of the wallpapers in this guide will require you to rearrange your desktop icons and possibly even change the colors of the icons depending on the wallpaper you use.

    To use the wallpaper that is in this guide, you can use the links in the Resources box at the bottom of this guide.

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    Puppy in Basket Wallpaper

    Puppy in Basket Wallpaper The Puppy in the Basket wallpaper is so sweet. The little puppy is sleeping with its head on its paws inside of a basket. This wallpaper is one of those you may have to edit the desktop icons for. This wallpaper comes in a few different sizes so you can select the size you need for your desktop.

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    American Flag Puppy Wallpaper

    American Flag Puppy Wallpaper The next wallpaper is the American Flag Puppy wallpaper. The little blonde puppy is wrapped in an American flag. It is so adorable, but it will be really difficult to see icons on this wallpaper. So, this one would work best with someone who has very few desktop icons.

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    Beagle Puppy Wallpaper

    Beagle Puppy Wallpaper The next wallpaper is a beagle puppy standing on top of a barrel with yellow flowers in the background. If you are a beagle lover, this wallpaper would be great for you. Using black icon text should make the icons visible using this wallpaper as long as the icons are not in front of the barrel. This wallpaper comes in a 1,600 x 1,200 size, so it should work with just about any desktop.

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    Puppy in Easter Basket Wallpaper

    Puppy in Easterbasket Wallpaper How precious is this wallpaper? Here we have a blonde lab sleeping in a basket of yellow flowers and Easter eggs. The basket is white with a yellow trim. This wallpaper could be used for every day, or it could be used as an Easter wallpaper. It comes in a 1,920 x 1,200 size, so it will be large enough for most desktops.

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    Puppy and Bunny Wallpaper

    Puppy and Bunny Wallpaper The last wallpaper in this list of puppy dog wallpaper is the Puppy and Bunny wallpaper. This is a sweet wallpaper of a blonde puppy sleeping and a bunny laying beside the puppy. It looks like the bunny is watching the puppy sleep. You shouldn't have to adjust your desktop icons since there is so much blank space and the wallpaper is really light.

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