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Free Computer Wallpaper for Easter

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 3/24/2011

Easter is coming quickly and now is the time to get in the Bunny and Egg spirit, so here is some computer wallpaper to help. All of this Easter wallpaper is free to use.

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    In this guide, we are going to take a look at six different wallpapers that all have an Easter theme. The wallpaper will range from glass style wallpaper to bright wallpaper to cartoon wallpaper. When compiling this list of free Easter wallpaper, I tried to include a little bit of everything. I hope you are able to find a wallpaper you want to use.

    To download and use the Easter wallpaper in this guide, please use the links in the Resource box at the end of this article.

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    Floral Easter Egg Wallpaper

    Floral Easter Egg Wallpaper If you are looking for a floral Easter wallpaper, take a look at this one. This wallpaper has a soft floral background with soft colored Easter eggs. The eggs also have the floral design that is found in the background of the wallpaper, which is a nice detail.

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    3D Happy Easter Wallpaper

    3D Happy Easter Wallpaper The next wallpaper is a 3D wallpaper. There are two eggs and "Happy Easter" on the wallpaper. The eggs and greeting are both designed in a gray color. To bring the wallpaper to life, blue flowers were added to the eggs and the wallpaper around the greeting. This is a soft, but beautiful wallpaper. However, you may have to rearrange your desktop icons in order to see them while using this wallpaper. They may be a bit difficult to see on the egg part of the wallpaper.

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    Glass Easter Eggs Wallpaper

    Glass Easter Eggs Wallpaper The glass Easter egg wallpaper is absolutely beautiful. The background of the wallpaper looks like purple rays, and at the center of the rays are the glass Easter eggs. The Easter eggs have bunnies inside of them and there is a bunny to the left of the eggs as well. This wallpaper was created in Photoshop and is beautifully done.

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    Easter Bunny & Rainbow Wallpaper

    Easter Bunny & Rainbow Wallpaper The Easter Bunny & Rainbow wallpaper is really cute. This is a cute wallpaper to use, but you will most definitely have to rearrange your desktop icons in order to see them. If you have a lot of desktop icons, you may want to clean your desktop if you are planning to use this wallpaper.

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    Easter Chick & Egg Wallpaper

    Easter Chick & Egg Wallpaper The next free Easter wallpaper in this list is the Easter Chick and Egg wallpaper. This wallpaper has a soft purple background with "Happy Easter" in the center of the background. In the right corner of the background is a baby chick hatching out of an egg. Flowers are added to this wallpaper to give it that finishing touch. If you are looking for a soft wallpaper, that isn't busy, take a look at this Easter wallpaper.

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    Easter Egg Painting Wallpaper

    Easter Egg Painting Wallpaper The last Easter wallpaper in this list is the Easter Egg Painting wallpaper. This is a cute little wallpaper with bunnies painting an Easter egg. This wallpaper is very bright and vibrant. The wallpaper will work fine with any desktop, but you may have to rearrange your desktop icons and place them around the outsides of the bunnies and Easter egg.

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    All screenshots were taken by the author and are the property of their respective sites.