Advanced Quicksilver usage

I have spent quite a bit of time telling you how to install and set up Quicksilver (QS) and I have also given you some tips to get started on using this great little application. I will now describe to you some more advanced tips and uses for this incredible program. These are some of the reasons that QS is one of my favorite programs on my Mac.

Quicksilver can take text input for some actions, so you don’t need to only use existing files or objects. Try this with the dictionary plugin.

Invoke QS and press period, which will take you to text entry mode. Type a word you’d like to define, hit tab, and then start typing "Define" until the Define action shows. Hit return.

In just a second, a little floating window will show up with the definition from over the internet.

Next Invoke QS then hit Command-L.

This is the clipboard viewer. Anything you copy to the clipboard goes here. Clicking on a number – or typing it – pastes it into your currently selected window. This is very useful in working with a lot of data and really helps in moving images or text or even web sites around

Dismiss Clipboard and shelf, invoke QS and then press Command-Semicolon.

This is the Catalog (under Preferences). If you want to add something to the index, you can do it from here. If there are things in the index you don’t want to see, you can disable them here. This is also where you can look around at the Plugins you’ve installed to make sure they’re indexing what you want.

The possibilities for this are endless and should come to you easily. Now you can stop switching to the finder, hitting a three-key hotkey for the folder, and drilling down a level or two to launch an application. QS is so fast, you can probably get the app launched before you would be able to pull up a finder window.

This program has limitless possibilities and is still in Beta, in fact according to it will always be in Beta. They continue to improve and add to this wonderful program.

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