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Get Rid of Unwanted Digital Files

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 9/16/2008

The Movies folder contains files you can delete including raw footage, avi, mov, and more.

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    You may have more than one digital camera. I do. I have an old digital camera I take with me to the lake and to parties, and another newer DV camera that I take to graduations, weddings, and less volatile functions. I have a camera on my cell phone. All of these cameras have their own software. With the newer camera, I use the proprietary software; with the older camera, I generally use iPhoto, but I’ve been known to use that camera’s software too. The cell phone uses synching software. I have a lot of digital camera junk. In order to stay on top of this mess I have to focus on more than just iPhoto and the Pictures folder; I also have to clean up each of the software packages, the Movies folder, and perform other tasks. You should too.

    One place you may want to look is the Movies folder. Deleting movie files is a little trickier than simply dragging what you think you don’t want to the Trash. With iMovie, you create a movie project file, capture video files from your camera, create clips, place those clips on the timeline, and then make a movie from the footage. Once the movie is made, you often won’t need the original files, unless you plan to do something with them later or you want to archive them. So, when you start cleaning up your Movie folder, take inventory of the files that belong to a particular movie or project, and decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

    Your folder may contain clips created for a movie, project files, and movies, as well as digital pictures, music, and sound clips. You may see.avi files, l .mov files, and .wmv files. AVI files are Audio Video Interleave format files and can be played by both Windows and Macintosh computers. MOV are QuickTime files and are played using the QuickTime video player. and WMV files are Windows Media Video files that can be played using Windows Media Player. And once the raw footage and source files are made into a movie, you might not need the original film or files at all. Get rid of that junk! It takes up a huge amount of space on your hard disk.

Good Mac: Clean Up your Digital Files

If you’ve had your Mac for a few years, you can bet you have a lot of digital data you don’t need or want. Clean it up to get better performance from your Mac.
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