Data Loss Due to Mac Os X 10.5 Leopard Installation Problems - Cause and Resolution

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Causes for Problems installing Mac Os X 10.5 Leopard

This problem could occur due to a number of reasons, which include the following:

  1. You have installed and used TechTool Pro (Mac repair tool) to create an eDrive on a particular volume.

2. Leopard performs a thorough check of the hard disk before listing them in the destination window. If a problem is detected during this check, this issue may occur.

Due to either reason, this problem can occur and the installation may fail.


To resolve these problems, you need to make sure your hard disk has no errors on it. You can use the Disk Utility software to verify and repair the problem volume. Once the errors on your disk have been removed, try the installation again and it should work this time.

Sometimes when you attempt to repair the disk with Disk Utility, it fails to detect or repair the errors and gives errors like “Incorrect number of Extended Attributes (it should be 0 instead of [ some number])”. If the Disk Utility fails to verify or repair the disk then the only way to workaround this is to reinstall your Mac OS X with the Erase and Install option. This will erase everything from your hard disk and install a fresh copy of Mac OS X, but you will have to face unfortunate situation of complete data loss.

In such situations, it is essential that you use data recovery software to save your important and precious data. There are plenty of recovery software programs available capable of performing smooth recovery in all cases of data loss.

I recommand Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery, which is a complete data recovery solution. It is capable of recovering data from damaged, corrupted, deleted HFS+, HFSX and HFS volumes. It can carry out a thorough scan of the affected hard disk and extract every bit of data from it. It has an interactive user interface and provides full graphical support that allows you to quickly and easily recover data.