Mac Game Demos: Nanosaur 2 The Hatchling

Do You Know How To Fly A Pterodactyl?

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I found this game by accident as it was left on a computer that I bought recently. But I was pleasantly surprised and have kept it: call it serendipity. Part of the fun of this game is the awkwardness of flying a pterodactyl; Mastering the fine art of flying and swooping can be tricky. It’s funny to watch your awkward pterodactyl flight movements—like watching ducks goof around a local pond or something, only you get to control this bird-like dinosaur—and if you’re not careful you crash into trees, tree stumps, rocks, the ground, dinosaurs and sentry-like robots that shoot at you and want to kill you. I’m thinking this game must be pretty spectacular in 3-D mode.

Pterodactyls, Worm Holes And Eggs

It sounds like a strange breakfast—but what it really is—is just a video game with the odd task of flying a pterodactyl in an other worldly yet familiar Easter egg hunt. This is a different and challenging game. It’s different than other stuff that’s out there (pterodactyls! I mean, come on!). The sci-fi back story of collecting eggs is pretty cool, something about in-bred dinosaurs and evil plans for the eggs, but I didn’t pay much attention to that. I just wanted some adventure and something different. You just swoop over the egg, and it automatically ends up in your possession, then you flap on over to the wormhole, and like a pneumatic cosmic canister, the worm-hole swooshes the egg back to earth.

The High-Tech Weaponry of Pterodactyls

This pterodactyl is different though—it comes equipped with high-tech weapons. Imagine firing a guided missile at a brontosaurus that wails in pain as it keels over backwards. Who knew that watching a brontosaurus writhe in pain could be so satisfying? It’s just so weird, you have to love it, like being in Jurassic Park–with a pterodactyl—and missiles. The other cool weapon is the pterodactyl’s shriek that you have to charge up by holding down the fire button. It causes a lot of damage if done right—and the neat thing is watching robots explode or dinosaurs fall just because you screamed at them. The other cool thing about this game is the 3-D glasses part. I haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely want to. Flying a pterodactyl is just a fun thing to do in your spare time. It’s hard to describe—but probably very close to what you’d imagine. The folks at Pangea software have brought us this fun and unique game.

Another cool thing is that the demo is freeware, or if you want to buy the full version with all the levels it will be $19.95.

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