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How To Install A Zagg Invisishield

written by: Nicholas•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 5/11/2009

Many reviewers have written about the difficulty of installing an Invisishield. Here we install it on a MacBook.

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    Most people buy the Invisishield for use on an iPhone 3G. Invisishield's main feature is that it makes your electronic devices scratch proof. It is unable to be cut through and is unpiercable. If you can install this on a MacBook, then it would be just as similar to installing it on a MacBook pro; and if you can install it on a MacBook, then the difficulty level is much higher compared to a much smaller iPhone 3G. The protection kit that Zagg offers for MacBooks and MacBook Pros is a full protection kit that covers every piece of the laptop except for the keyboard.

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    Included Items

    - Sheet cut outs of the shield.

    - A rubber squeegee.

    - A spray bottle of application solution.

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    To start with, I installed what I thought would be the hardest piece, the top cover to the MacBook lid. This was not at all difficult. The best recommendation I can give for installing this piece is to not stretch the shield and to use plenty of spray. To properly align the shield on the lid, try matching all of the corners. Squeegee out the bubbles in a swift repetitive motion. If the corners do not stick for you right away, just hold them in place applying pressure for about a minute a corner.

    Next came what I thought would be the second hardest piece to install, the trackpad and palm rest area piece. This piece was much more awkward as it is U shaped. Again, the best recommendation is to match all 4 corners first and then squeegee out the bubbles. You might not want to use quite as much spray for this piece as it is near the keyboard so there is a chance that some spray could leak in. The corners on this piece stick really well as they are not rounded like the lid. Be sure to notice that there is a cutout in the shield for the power button and the mic, which should be easily aligned.

    The battery cover and bottom of the unit came next. These were very easy to install. I did remove the battery and hard drive cover from the laptop along with the other bottom piece which is held in by a couple screws. The shield comes with cutouts for the rubber legs so make sure to properly align those.

    The rest of the installation is just thin strips of material that are very easily applied with one swipe of the squeegee.

    Best tip: Apply the shield in a completely clean area. Any dirt or particles will easily stick to the shield and cannot be removed. Take a thirty minute break in between installing each major piece of this shield and let it set a bit.

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    Final thoughts

    I really did not find this process at all difficult. It is just somewhat time consuming if you want it to match up perfectly. The shield does not interfere with any of the ports on the side at all. The piece that covers the glass trackpad will be sticky but only until the shield sets, then it will feel just as smooth as the glass. Cosmetically, after the shield fully sets within 2 1/2 days you really cannot even tell that it's on there. This is good because it maintains the Apple factory look but also eliminates any possibility of scratches. If you ever feel the need to remove this shield, it will not leave any of that stickiness that a decal or skin would leave. However, if you are going to remove it, peel slow.

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