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Top 5 Best Computer Keyboards Over $50

written by: Cindy Marcelle•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/31/2008

Looking for the newest in computer keyboards? Willing to shell out a bit more? In this section of “Computer’s best accessories” we look at the top five picks for computer keyboards over $50.

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    If you’re in the market for a new computer keyboard and are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for the ultimate keyboard experience, here are my top 5 best computer keyboards over $50:

    Logitech Dinovo Edge Wireless Keyboard - $100 - $200 Billed as the “world’s most advanced wireless keyboard,” the Logitech Dinovo Edge is ultra thin and has the most responsive PerfectStroke key system I’ve ever used. A TouchDisk pad makes cursor control precise and provides users with hyper-speed cursor response. Armed with advanced Li-ion batteries that charge fast and last longer than the competition and wireless Bluetooth technology, the Dinovo Edge is my #1 pick for best keyboard over $50.

    Logitech Alto Wireless Keyboard with Laptop Stand - $95 This is my personal choice for laptop keyboards. Some days I want to escape the standard keyboard attached to my laptop and set the system up as a stationary computer. The Logitech Alto Wireless Keyboard is a full sized keyboard that is compatible with laptop displays up to 15.4”. It comes with a USB laptop stand with 3 built in USB 2.0 ports.

    Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard $80 If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know that I love Razer. This company makes stellar gaming accessories and this product is no exception. The Lycosa Gaming Keyboard has 104 keys (including TouchPanel media keys) and 10 programmable software files. My online gaming friend recommends this keyboard for its gaming cluster with antighosting capability and I recommend it for its backlit keys with WASD cluster lighting option.

    Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard $80 Apple users love this wireless Bluetooth keyboard, and although I am a PC girl myself, I can see why. This keyboard is very thin and has an impressive 30 foot wireless range. Although I wish Apple would make wrist rests a standard feature, I do enjoy the standard sleek white design classically associated with their products.

    Chester Creek FunKeyBoard Keyboard and FunMouse Mouse $80 My first introduction to Chester Creek came when I was babysitting a friend's child. Dedicated to child and special needs friendly computer accessories, the Chester Creek FunKeyBoard and FunMouse are designed for small hands and discovering minds. The keyboard has 107 keys that are colorfully designed to promote proper touch typing habits and the mouse has different colored left and right buttons to reinforce directional learning.

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I thoroughly test, research, and examine today’s best computer accessories to bring you the best picks and the best prices.
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