Buyer's Guide to Computer Monitors

Buyer's Guide to Computer Monitors
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LCD Computer Monitors

LCD computer monitors are second to only their much more expensive LED cousins in terms of quality, and are quickly becoming the new standard for computer monitors. Providing great image quality, high resolutions, and a variety of sizes, these monitors are some of the best available, and because of their increasing widespread use, they are actually affordable for most users. When looking for a new computer monitor, LCD monitors are your safest bet because of their price and quality. Coming in sizes from 17 inches all the way to 30 inch monitors that look more like TVs, there is definitely a LCD screen out there that fits your needs. These articles look at monitors in all size and price ranges, and give you tips and tell you what to look for on a monitor to choose the right LCD monitor for your computer.

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Affordable PC Monitors

Samsung LCD Monitor

When looking to buy a monitor for a PC, it is important to understand your price limits. Just because that $1,000 LED 32 inch monster that’s on display looks better than your TV doesn’t mean that you should buy it. In fact, there are a number of different PC monitors that provide great quality and size, but cost less than $300, making them great for anyone putting together a PC on a budget. While these monitors may be smaller than average, they are about the same size as a laptop screen, and are by all means useable for anything and everything with your computer. For a look at the features and prices of some affordable monitors, click on the links below.

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HDTVs as Computer Monitors

It is entirely possible to buy an HDTV, and double its use by using it as a computer monitor. Using an HDTV for this purpose is commonly used to watch movies or media files that are on your computer, and a computer with an HDTV monitor is referred to as a Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC). This is only possible with newer HDTV models that have a HDMI hook up, because that is the same connection that works between computer monitors and towers. In fact, there are even some HDTVs that are made specifically for usage with computers. These articles help inform you of why you should do this, weighing the pros and cons of HDTVs versus traditional PC monitors, what you would need to set it all up, and buying guides for LCD TVs and other HDTVs for usage with your computer.

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Gaming Monitors

Computer gaming has quickly evolved from something very nerdy to a mainstream culture, where every computer has at least one game installed on it. However, while casual gamers can usually get by using any monitor to play their games on, anyone who is serious about computer gaming should look to find a monitor that has a number of features: a high resolution, HD graphics support, a fast response time, and a reasonable size. Sifting through the many different computer monitors designed for gaming can be tricky, and finding the right one for you is a difficult task. Take a look at a variety of different LCD and LED displays that have the ideal qualities for computer gaming, and decide which one is right for you. Additionally, look at a comparison between older CRT monitors and newer LCD displays for gaming use.

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Computer Monitor FAQs and Troubleshooting

For anyone wondering about the different types of connectors for monitors, what resolution means and how to find the best resolution settings, or simple issues with a monitor, these articles are for you. They answer a number of different questions about computer monitors, and also talk about changing resolution settings, DVI and VGA connectors, and how to stop a computer monitor from flickering.

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